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Work with the Best Staffing Agency in the Indianapolis area

Summer is almost here and just like the weather our jobs are hot! Are you looking to work with the best staffing agency in Indianapolis? We’re looking for you! When you work with Forge, there’s no shortage of job opportunities. We have many entry level – no experience necessary and skilled jobs available on 1st, […]

How Much Screen Time Is Too Much?

Espanol Hello! During the month of June, we want to focus on the Effects of Screen Time and Your Eyes. Is Screen Time Really Bad for Our Eyes? You may not endure a lot of screen time while on the job but do you take in a lot after hours? Effects of Too Much Screen Time Spending […]

¿Cuánto tiempo de pantalla es demasiado?

¡Hola! Durante el mes de Junio, queremos enfocarnos en los efectos del tiempo frente de la pantalla y tus ojos. ¿ Realmente es malo para nuestros ojos el tiempo frente de la pantalla? Tal vez no pasa mucho tiempo frente de la pantalla en el trabajo, pero pasas mucho tiempo fuera del trabajo? Efectos de […]

Machine Operator Positions Available

We are currently seeking to fill multiple Machine Operator positions with our client companies located throughout Indiana and Michigan. When searching our jobs on our website, you may find that Machine Operator positions may also be titled, Assembler, Production, Manufacturing Associate, etc. Looking for more skilled work? Sometimes our Forklift Operator and Hi-Lo Driver positions […]

Employee Skills Required to be a Food Packager

We are currently seeking to fill multiple Food Packager openings with our client companies located throughout Indiana and Michigan. When searching our jobs on our website, you may find that Food Packager positions may also be titled, Packager, Packer and Material Handler. Food Packager positions can also be offered on 1st, 2nd and 3rd shifts. […]

Forge – Your Lucky Charm in Recruitment

“A great employee is like a four-leaf clover, hard to find and lucky to have.” – Tammy Cohen Sometimes finding that perfect candidate can feel a lot like searching for a four-leaf clover. It takes a decent amount of luck and a good set of eyes to find a four-leaf clover in what feels like […]

Reasons You’ll Love Partnering with Forge

Roses are red, violets are blue, having trouble filling jobs? We are the solution for you! There are many misconceptions out there about ‘working’ with a staffing agency, but there are also many reasons to love ‘partnering’ with one, like us. We are more than just finding and creating relationships with candidates; we’re also about […]

How job seekers find work with a staffing agency

Have you found yourself overwhelmed with the job search process? If you’re finding that you’re applying to dozens of jobs without success, maybe you should consider expanding your search. While many companies post their job listings online there are others who do not post their open positions. Instead, these companies choose to have a staffing […]

Accessing your 2020 W-2’s

Tax season is here and many of you are probably wondering where exactly to get your 2020 W-2’s. Here at Forge we make the process of getting your 2020 W-2’s an easier one by allowing you access to your W-2’s through our online Employee Portal. 2020 W-2’s are currently available in your Employee Portal as […]

Advantages of Using a Staffing Agency

The need to fill new employee positions and handle employee turnover is a constant challenge for growing companies. Many companies are finding it more cost effective to use the services of a professional staffing agency instead of an in-house human resources department. It does not matter the type of employees needed; staffing agencies provide a […]