Forge Industrial Staffing was founded in 1995 by Richard DeTamble and John Janisch who had a vision of a different kind of staffing company – one that was built on relationships and focused on the needs of the industrial client. This unwavering focus, coupled with a top-notch staff, has been the basis for our success.

Since opening our first office in Elkhart, Indiana, Forge has grown at a tremendous pace and now operates 13 offices throughout Indiana and Michigan. Each office is run by a management team with the expertise and authority to make decisions best for their clientele. Forge has been in each of its markets for over 18 years or more giving us the advantage of knowing the intricacies of the industrial landscape in those markets from both the client and employee’s perspectives.

We are unique in the industry because of our commitment to industrial clients. Our pledge is to be the most responsive staffing supplier in the industry. Because we are committed to our customers and are responsive to their needs, we will always be in a position to deliver unsurpassed levels of service. In an industry that is notorious for high turnover, our sales and management team have unprecedented tenure. The average length of service with Forge for our staffing consultants, managers and directors is over 13 years. In fact, our team has almost 365 years of combined experience focusing on the industrial client!

Our Values

Forge Industrial Staffing is an organization guided by a firm set of values which it established for itself as both a corporate and community citizen. Every employee of the company is committed to:

  • Having a positive attitude
  • Being honest
  • Being committed
  • Treating others as we would like to be treated
  • Being responsible

Our Philosophy

Our operating philosophy is equally straightforward:

  • To provide an environment that encourages individual achievement and provides commensurate rewards and a sense of satisfaction.
  • To have everyone responsible for quality, ensuring that our daily performance never falls short of our clients’ expectations.
  • To encourage every employee with the freedom to grow in his or her highest potential within the company.
  • To focus on each task, no matter how small, as though it was the only important function to complete.
  • To render services and resources to the communities in which we flourish as a partial payment for the benefits we derive from them.