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Finding the right job and the right company takes a lot of hard work and dedication. In today’s competitive environment, job seekers are faced daily with “selling” themselves to prospective employers. As with any sales, the quality and appearance of the product makes a huge difference. In the case of a job seeker, this provides a distinct advantage since the product is one that you have full control over… yourself!

Here are some helpful resources that can be the difference between finding a truly great opportunity with Forge that leads to a regular, full-time position with our clients and bouncing from assignment to assignment without making significant progress.

Frequently Asked Questions

Forge Industrial Staffing specializes in light industrial work and works with a wide variety of clients such as manufacturing plants, greenhouses and warehouses. Positions available include packaging, assembly, production line work, forklift driving, welding, machine maintenance and everything in between. The depth and diversity of our clients allows Forge to be your one-stop destination whether you’re seeking an entry level light industrial job or a skilled light industrial position.

Anyone is welcome to apply with Forge. Forge Industrial Staffing is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We provide equal employment opportunities to all employees and applicants without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, age, disability, military status, or status as a Vietnam era or special disabled veteran, in accordance with applicable federal and state laws. 

In addition, Forge Industrial Staffing complies with applicable state and local laws governing non-discrimination in employment in every location in which the company has facilities.

Forge’s two basic requirements are that all applicants must be at least 18-years-old and be able to provide documentation establishing the individual’s right to work in the United States.

Many of our clients have secondary requirements in order to be considered for that particular job. This can include things such as relevant experience, a high school diploma or GED, or the ability to pass a pre-employment drug screen.

Forge accepts applications online or in-person at one of our local offices. Once the application has been completed, a Forge service coordinator will schedule you for an interview.

During your one on one interview with Forge, you will have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have about our services. You will also be asked questions that will help us get to know you and that help us evaluate the many potential job opportunities with Forge. You will also be asked to complete tax paperwork, a Federal Form I-9 (for which you will be asked to bring identification that establishes your right to work in the United States) and a small number of internal policy forms. Once the process is complete, applicants are immediately eligible for any open position for which they meet the job specific requirements.


Forge Industrial Staffing does not have a set pay scale for the positions that we fill. Instead, the pay rates offered for each position are set by our client – the company whose location that the employees work at will determine the hourly pay rate, based on the criteria of the job. Several of our clients also feature incentive programs such as safety awards that the Forge employee is also eligible to participate in.


Forge prides itself on the contact that we maintain with our employees. 

  • If you are already registered with us, give us a call or go to your nearest branch location to hear what positions and shifts are available. We often have jobs that need to be filled quickly.
  • If you have not registered with us, please apply online or at your nearest branch. 
  • Forge employees are paid on a weekly basis.
  • The work week runs Monday through Sunday with the hours that you work during any given week are paid on the following Wednesday.
  • We will not release a paycheck to any individual except that specific employee and we do not mail paychecks.

Forge Industrial Staffing does not require a criminal background check as part of our hiring criteria. There are circumstances based on our client’s criteria where a background check could be a requirement for a specific job. Any applicant being considered for that position will be informed of the parameters of the background check and will be treated in accordance with all applicable laws.


Yes, we do! We offer paid holidays, vacation pay, health/dental/vision insurance, a referral bonus program, and an employee of the month program.  Please click here for more details.



In today’s ever changing economy, there is no such thing as a permanent position and companies are continually modifying their workforce to match their current business levels. Some of Forge’s positions are designed to be short-term in length, ranging from a single day to several weeks. However, many of the positions that Forge offers are ones that allow the employee to establish themselves with the client and can lead to a regular, full-time opportunity. A Forge service coordinator will inform you of the assignment’s expected length and potential when discussing each opportunity with you.


As with all things in life, what is put into the opportunity given helps determine the outcome. Things like punctuality, attendance, attitude, willingness to learn and adaptability all play a strong role in whether the client will consider a temporary employee for any open permanent positions. Read our Helpful Hints to find out what it takes to be a leader.

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Paid Holidays

Forge employees get paid for the following holidays upon completing 1,000 hours of service: New Years Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Vacation Pay

Forge employees earn a one week paid vacation after 2,000 hours of service.

Health Insurance

All active, hourly-paid Forge employees are eligible to participate in a health insurance plan. The premium payments are deducted from each paycheck. The health plan covers doctor office visits, prescription medicine, hospitalization, maternity care and provides options for life and accidental death benefit, dental and vision benefit, and short term disability benefit.

Referral Bonus Program

We continue to search for valuable employees like you!

If you have a friend or a relative that is interested, refer them to us. For each referral employed by Forge Industrial Staffing for a minimum of two (2) days, you will receive a bonus (amount depending on location). 

Employee of the Month

Every month, each office chooses an “Employee of the Month”, who receives a cash award and recognition. Selection is based on hours worked, attendance, client feedback and work performance.

Weekly Pay

In addition to direct deposit and regular checks, Forge Industrial Staffing is now offering you a great new benefit — getting paid on the rapid! PayCard® Mastercard® Card. You can have your pay automatically deposited to the paycard, giving you instant access to your money the morning of every payday.

  • No more standing in line to cash checks
  • No more check-cashing fees
  • No more coming to work to pick up your check
  • No more lost checks

Contact your local Forge office for further details.

Safety First

At Forge Industrial Staffing safety is our number one priority. It is our goal to have each and every one of our employees placed in a safe environment.

We strive to make sure that all of our employees are remaining conscious of safety at every turn. Most industrial jobs have inherent risks that can lead to serious injury if an employee is not following the proper steps.

Every accident and injury is preventable on some level, and the first step in prevention is to continuously be aware of the dangers that are part of any work environment. Below are some simple guidelines that will help you keep Safety First!

In case of injury

  • If you are ever injured while working through Forge, even in a minor way, report the situation to your supervisor and Forge immediately to determine the level of medical attention needed.


  • At the medical facility, you will have to submit to a drug/alcohol test. When you are released, report back to Forge with any medical documentation.


  • If you are restricted to light duty work, an assignment that meets your restriction guidelines will be provided if one is available.


  • Remember, it is your responsibility to report an occurrence to Forge. Never rely on anyone else to do so. Be prepared that Forge will ask you to come to our office to complete all necessary paperwork and will direct you for medical treatment if needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have experienced a work related injury please tell your supervisor immediately.  Also, reach out to your local Forge office so you can be directed to medical care.

If you have experienced a work related injury but do not wish to seek treatment you should still notify your supervisor and contact Forge.  Forge requires a Decline Medical Treatment form to be completed in the event you do not want to seek treatment.

If you witness or experience a near miss incident or an unsafe work environment please make the Forge Safety Team aware.  You may email us at safety@forgestaff.com, call us at 616.285.6860 or fill out the contact form.

We definitely have disposable masks on hand should you need one when you come to any of our locations.  We also have reusable (washable) Forge logo masks.  Contact your Forge office and request one. *available while supplies last.

Safety Tips

Wear Your Safety Equipment

  • Always wear proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) as directed by Forge or our client.


  • Your local Forge office keeps a stock of common safety equipment that is available to anyone working a current assignment.


  • Even if other employees are not wearing the PPE properly, make sure that you are always doing so and that you understand the requirement for where and when PPE is to be worn.
Lift With Your Legs
  • Always follow proper form – lift with your legs, not your back.


  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Materials that weigh more than 50 lbs. in most cases should be lifted by more than one person in tandem.


  • If something is too heavy for you, bring that to the attention of your supervisor immediately.
Be Aware of Chemicals
  • Every company maintains Material Safety Data Sheets for the materials used at their location and are familiar with any dangers those chemicals pose.


  • Always handle any chemicals – whether they’re in liquid or powder form – in accordance with the guidelines of the job site.
Lock Out/Tag Out
  • When working with machinery, make sure that you are familiar with the machine’s safety features and the lock-out/tag-out process for that equipment.


  • Never operate any machinery that does not appear to be guarded properly, where the guards do not appear to be operating or if the machine appears to be malfunctioning. Bring the situation to the attention of a supervisor immediately.
Work Smart
  • Use proper ergonomics. Always standing or sitting the exact same way can potentially put undue stress on some parts of your body.


  • Do some form of stretching before your shift for the muscle groups that you’ll be using in your job.


  • Vary your position, even if only for 10 minutes during an hour, to help promote circulation and relieve stress on muscles in the arms, back and legs.


  • When working in a repetitive fashion, particularly with the hands and wrists, learn ways to vary your approach in order to rest the joints and muscles.


  • Most locations have a good understanding of ways to work smart to prevent injuries from becoming a problem for their workforce…never be afraid to ask someone for advice.
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