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How job seekers find work with a staffing agency

February 1, 2021

Have you found yourself overwhelmed with the job search process? If you’re finding that you’re applying to dozens of jobs without success, maybe you should consider expanding your search. While many companies post their job listings online there are others who do not post their open positions. Instead, these companies choose to have a staffing agency fill their open positions. Using a staffing agency is often quicker and prevents the company from having to go through the pre-screening and hiring process.

Specialized staffing agencies like Forge Industrial Staffing get to know the personality and skillset of each job seeker they work with. By understanding who you are and matching you with the agencies’ vast database of companies and listings, we can often place a new hire in far less time than traditional methods.

We can assist job seekers in a number of different situations.

Temporary or contract work

Often when a company chooses to use us for hiring, they opt to bring in the employee on a temporary basis. This allows the employee and employer to determine if it’s a good match. The company may then decide to offer the employee a permanent position if they feel the employee is a good fit.

With contracted work, a company will bring in employees for a set amount of time, or month-to-month. These types of positions typically do not evolve into permanent positions.

Direct placement

In many cases, companies will build a relationship with us to recruit top talent when it becomes available. Often referred to as a “headhunter,” we seek out well-qualified talent that we believe will help a company grow.

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