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How to Motivate Employees Around the Holidays

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Before you know it, the holiday season will be in full swing. It’s that time of year when people think about their families, travel, and the upcoming celebrations. It can be difficult to stay focused on work. As an employer, you can find creative ways to keep the spirit of the season alive while everyone continues to focus on work.

Don’t be a Scrooge

Getting tough on your staff during the holiday season is the worst move you could make. You’ll only make everyone reluctant to be productive. Address your employees in a positive manner, whether you are speaking to them directly or sending out written communication. Be sure to compliment excellent performance. Offer incentives that will make your staff eager to do their best. When you are committed to treating your work force well, you will receive the same in return.

Break Out the Refreshments in the Staff Room

Food goes along way when it comes to making people happy. Bringing in an assortment of holiday donuts and hot beverages will make your staff feel appreciated. In addition to supplying your own refreshments, set up a sign-up sheet so people can do a pot luck for lunch or breakfast. Throughout the holiday months of November and December, make it a weekly event that your staff can plan and enjoy. They’ll look forward to unwinding, chatting, and sharing a tasty treat before they get back to work.

Decorate for the Season

Add a decorative touch to the workplace. You can do it yourself or put an enthusiastic member of your staff in charge of bringing in the holiday cheer. When you lift the spirits of your employees by creating an inviting atmosphere, you make it easier for everyone to come to work.

Host a Party

No holiday season is complete without a party. Your employees work hard for you throughout the year and you want to recognize their efforts. You can plan a party at the job site or book a venue. Pull out the stops and give your employees the royal treatment. When you make them feel like they matter, you are more likely to have a loyal staff that will remain with your business through thick and through thin.

You’ll also motivate your employees to give you their best during the holidays and throughout the year. Be sure to join in the fun with your staff as you celebrate the season together.

Appreciate Your Employees with a Holiday Party

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You might have an excellent product or service that is head and shoulders above the competition, but you need a great team of employees to deliver. They deserve your appreciation.

This holiday season, give your employees a party as your way of saying thank you. Investing in a holiday party boosts morale and fosters teamwork. Your employees are more likely to remain loyal to you when they feel like they matter. Break out the holiday cheer and spread the joy. It will come back to you tenfold.

Deck the Halls at Work

Begin by creating a festive atmosphere at work. Surprise your staff by pulling out all of the stops with decorations throughout your building. They’ll light up and smile when they see the holiday elves have been hard at work while everyone else was at home. A few lights, a tree, and colorful flowers are simple ways to bring cheer.

Food, Lots of Food

If you decide to hold your holiday party at work, try holding it during the day instead of after work hours. Give employees a break from the daily grind. Begin with breakfast treats in the morning. Roll in the lunch treats later, and round it out with cookies, cakes and other sweet treats. Fill up the punch bowl, set out a cooler filled with bottled drinks, and encourage your team to drop in at any time throughout the day to enjoy the goodies.

Pick a Party Place

You can go above and beyond your office party by planning an event outside of work. Choose a location where your employees can have a night on the town. You need a venue where they can eat a nice meal, dance, listen to music, and visit. If you’re worried about anyone indulging too much, include hotel rooms to ensure your staff members are safe. It’s going to be expensive, but it’s an investment you are making to keep your business on solid ground. If your team is strapped for time, contact an event production company such as Compass Rose Events that handles everything from event logistics to making sure that Santa Claus makes an appearance. When you give back to your employees, you are also giving a gift to yourself through your generosity of spirit.

Eat, drink, and be merry with your staff during the most festive time of the year. As the old year comes to a close, you’ll set the stage for a good year ahead.

Why is OSHA Important?

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A job interview can be intimidating as you imagine all of the interview questions that could be coming your way. Preparing yourself is key in order to relieve nerves and present a confident manner while you speak with your potential employer. Have a list of your own interview questions to put your mind at ease so that you will be in the know as well. One of the points that should come at the top of your list is OSHA and the workplace.

What is OSHA?

OSHA is the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. It is a federal component of the Department of Labor. It has been established under federal law to workplace safety to protect you while you are on the job. OSHA makes your safety a priority to minimize the risk of injury while you are working.

Why is OSHA Important?

OSHA requires your employer to follow federal standards when it comes to employee health and safety. That means that your workplace needs to be a safe place and that safety measures must be enforced to protect you from potential hazards. If you are headed into an industrial field, you are going to be faced with dangerous situations, whether you are dealing with hazardous chemicals or heavy equipment that can open you up to the risk of injury.

Your employer has to follow all OSHA requirements to make sure you are protected while around dangerous chemicals through the use of protective clothing, proper containment of chemicals, and clear labels. In addition, your employer is mandated by OSHA to provide you with the proper training when it comes to working with equipment that could place you in danger.

Ask Your Potential Employer About OSHA at the Facility

As you discuss your potential position with your interviewer, inquire about OSHA regulations, any toxic chemicals that are used at the facility, and safety measures that are in place to protect you. You need to know what your employer is doing to protect you and all of your fellow workers. Take your interview a step further and ask if you can take a walk through the premises to see that the facility is up to par when it comes to OSHA regulations. Look for hazard signs, protective garments, and ask about training that will be provided before using any type of equipment. OSHA is here to protect you and your employer is legally bound by this part of the federal government. Don’t be afraid to voice your concerns and protect your rights. A safe worker will be a productive worker.

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Key Points to Writing a Successful Job Ad

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When writing job ads or descriptions, there are a few keys to winnowing the applicants and finding the right candidate. Use these tips to help write job descriptions in your employment ads.

Specific Job Name/Title: With job descriptions, start by using the correct job name and title. To get more clicks and views, the ad has to be targeted at the type of worker one is hiring. For example, the word “managers” can include anyone who worked at a coffee shop to someone who oversaw a large corporate merger, but by including keywords that target the type of applicant, such as hedge fund office manager, this can eliminate people who might apply but have no finance experience.

Target Experience: Another area that needs focus and attention is the actual job description. No one wants to be inundated with thousands of applications at once only to find that the candidates didn’t read the description or a particular item wasn’t included that could have cut the list in half. For example, by letting candidates know they will need to pass a background check and must be certified in human resource management, this can eliminate a lot of job seekers who would randomly apply, thereby narrowing down the search to more qualified candidates. It’s also not enough to look strictly for college graduates, as the field is so broad, but include criteria such as: recent banking experience or Excel expert. Reference for Business says clear and concise descriptions can help find the right candidate.

Write Out Day-to-Day Tasks: When writing a job ad or description, write out all the specific tasks that the job includes.

List Important Issues at the Top – In Bold: Because job seekers may only skim a description before committing to sending a resume, put in bold at the very top any area that needs to be addressed ahead of time. For example, if the position is salaried, but the employee needs to stay late, as needed, state that. One of the reasons managers want to highlight areas that might be overlooked is to narrow the type of worker they are hiring. It should be someone who takes the time to read through the description thoroughly and understands their future responsibilities. If a manager is ever unsure, point out to the applicant the area of concern to be sure it’s not overlooked.

Highlight the Benefits of the Company: Paychex points out that 56% of companies have trouble hiring top candidates. Highlighting benefits showcases your key selling points. List the vacation time, weekends off, flexible schedule, and other key selling points.

Ultimately, the goal is to let the writing of the job description streamline the list of candidates. It’s also important to highlight the benefits of the company to strong applicants and confirm that the description has been read thoroughly. The more accurate the description, the better the experience in hiring the best candidate.

Flu Season Creates Staffing Challenges

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The annual flu season is approaching, and the illness often sweeps through workplaces as if it were an epidemic. There seems to be no end to the absences of sick employees during winter, and the desks of flu victims can remain empty for too long.

There are some things employers can do to minimize the impact of flu. The first is to encourage employees to get flu shots. Some businesses make it easy for employees by offering shots on site. Employers an also encourage healthy behavior, like frequent hand-washing to prevent the spread of the virus. Managers should also encourage ill employees to take sick days so they don’t spread the flu bug.

Encouraging employees to stay healthy limits lost time and keeps the business running smoothly.

Of course, even the best plans to keep employees healthy and working can go awry. As a backup plan, work with a local staffing agency like Forge Industrial Staffing to supply temporary workers to pick up the slack when flu hits.

Hiring a temporary staffer lets ill employees know their work will be done during their absences.

Though flu prevention and damage control may seem daunting, hiring a temporary employee, such as one from Forge Staffing, can make things easy and keep the flow of productivity in the event of a workplace flu outbreak.

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Tailor Employee Evaluations to Each Generation

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As with anything in business, you must keep changing and evolving to stay fresh and current, and the same holds true for employee reviews. Each new generation of employees that enters the workforce is motivated by different factors.

Chances are your workforce is filled with many Generation X employees as well as a growing number of Millennials. To keep them all interested, motivated and dedicated you must understand where they’re coming from, and if you adapt your evaluation techniques, you’re more likely to retain good employees.

Gen Xers were born from 1966 to 1976 and became known as the “latchkey kids” because both parents were working or a single parent raised them. Members of this generation are used to fending for themselves and being self-sufficient. They enjoy opportunities to work independently and make decisions on their own. Millennials were born from 1977 to 1994 and became known as the “trophy kids” because of all the praise they received from parents, coaches and teachers. This group likes to collaborate and they are the most technologically savvy generations.

The motivation for these two generations is different, so remember that they may not excel at the same tasks, and each group works best in different ways. Gen Xers may appreciate a mentorship situation where they have guidance but are still able to use their own resourcefulness to complete projects, whereas millennials are good at multitasking and typically enjoy working in teams.

Evaluations can be used to retain excellent employees by providing goals and incentives, while weeding out employees that may not be meeting company standards. When administering reviews, keep in mind that both groups appreciate feedback, but they like to receive it in different ways. Millennials love to be praised and enjoy their feedback in real time, while Gen Xers may see this as micromanaging.

The best way to communicate with a Millennial is through technology, so you might consider an online evaluation with follow-up. A Gen Xer may appreciate going over a review during lunch together.

Both groups appreciate being able to learn and grow in the workplace and they find great value in doing meaningful work. By tailoring your evaluations to your employees’ individual needs, it will communicate to them that you’re invested in them and their success.

Study: Work-Life Balance Still A Top Issue for Employees

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Nearly half of employees have a difficult time balancing their work with their personal lives, according to an Employee Engagement study done by Randstad US.

With 39% believing that their bosses do not encourage vacation days and an astounding 45% feeling unable to disconnect from work while on vacation, a lot of people would rather make less money but be happier at work.

Employee Engagement By the Numbers

  • 41% of employees believe that they are unable to achieve a balance between work and their personal lives.
  • 42% of employees feel as if their employers do nothing to help them achieve that balance.
  • 39% of employees have managers who do not encourage them to take vacation days.
  • 49% of employees become more stressed about work upon returning from a vacation, and 46% also worry constantly about work while on vacation.
  • 38% of employees try to impress their employers by taking fewer vacations, with the belief that this makes them look better to the company.
  • 36% of employees have gone as far as to cancel their vacation plans in favor of work.

Why Vacations are Important for Employees

Taking a vacation is healthy and provides employees with a chance to unwind. This improves their work motivation and productivity, and contributes to their overall ability to achieve balance between their work and their lives away from their jobs.

Why Vacations are Important for Employers

Increased productivity on the part of employees means increased profit for the employer. And employees will work harder for a company that helps them feel empowered to take vacations and make their own decisions.

An employer who makes an effort to have good relations with employees, and encourages them to not only make use of their vacation days but also to completely detach themselves from work to better enjoy their vacations, will have a lower turnover rate and higher morale.

Randstad US is the third largest staffing company in the United States, helping 100,000 people a week find temporary employment or permanent jobs in fields such as engineering, accounting, marketing, finance, IT and legal.

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4 Tips to Motivate Employees

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Volunteers often work harder than the paid employees because they get satisfaction knowing the work they do is appreciated. So how can managers motivate their employees to want to do good work and keep coming back?

Challenging people, giving them more responsibility and recognizing them for their efforts are great ways to keep employees motivated. Here are some ways to keep employees motivated.


People work harder for recognition than for money. Give people plenty of recognition for what they do well instead of criticizing them for failures, and they are more likely to do well. And this does not necessarily mean bonuses to their pay because that alone is not recognition. Making them employee of the month or giving them some other award where they are publicly recognized will help a lot.


Give someone more responsibility, and they will rise to the challenge. If an employee knows that she is trusted with a more difficult task, she will try harder and is more likely to succeed. For employees to do great work they must feel a sense of ownership, and adding responsibility accomplishes that.


Give your employees a chance to shine and show what they can really do. An employee will work much harder on something in which they have creative input. Not everyone’s job has room for creative input, but no matter what the job is, if an employee has a suggestion or an idea, listen and show interest in it. Even if it turns out that it will not work, make sure the employees knows they can come to you if they have another idea. Knowing that their input is valued will help them stay motivated.

Build a relationship with your employees

The relationship that employees have with you will factor into the quality of their work. Build a relationship with your employees through staff meetings and by walking through and demonstrating interest in their work. This will help them remember that they are appreciated and that you need their work.

Motivated employees have long-term benefits for any company. The longer you can keep workers you value, the less time you’ll have to spend on hiring and training new people.

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How to Find Quality Employees

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A job interview helps to screen your applicants and helps you get to know them, but how can you be absolutely sure that you are hiring not only great employees, but the best ones you could hope for?

Have an accurate job description

The first step in hiring the best employees is to make sure your job description accurately shows applicants what role you expect to be filled and what skills they will use for the job. Have a different job description for each job in your organization, so that applicants will know which job fits them the best.

Ask good questions

Make sure the questions you ask your applicants are going to help you determine how well they will fit. Ask open-ended questions, as well as ones that will be difficult for them to answer. It is also a good idea to screen them over the phone before you conduct in-person interviews. That may help to weed out some applicants before you begin the interview process. Based on the answers you over the phone, decide who qualifies for the next step. Ask the same questions every time, and have at least 10 questions total for the in-person interview.

Give your applicants a test

Resumes and interview questions will only tell you so much about an applicant. As part of your application, you should also give them a test with a proven assessment tool. This will help you determine how introverted, extroverted, agreeable, uncompromising, conscientious, lackadaisical, emotionally stable or anxious an applicant is. These are not the only traits that can be determined through an assessment. The traits you want in an applicant depend on the job they are seeking.

Read through the resumes

You may have received a lot of resumes, and are likely not looking forward to getting through all of them. However, if you have a good idea of what the ideal candidate looks like, you can sort people based on relevant experience or skills. This will help you get through resumes quickly. If you find cover letters that address you by name, put those on the top of the list. Or if you find resumes with a lot of misspellings, put those at the bottom.

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Why should my company use a staffing agency?

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Anyone who has run or has started a successful business knows that one of the most important skills is determining when you should defer to someone else that may be more knowledgeable, have more experience or have more resources. Whether this means bringing in an outside accountant, hiring an independent sales representative or working with a staffing industry.

Staffing agencies are useful resources for companies that do not have the time or ability to review all potential new hires. When working with a staffing agency, experienced professionals will perform the interview and selection process for you, ensuring that you will receive experienced and capable workers who will help you company as soon as you need them.

If your company is expecting a large growth period but realizes that business will level off after a few months, hiring temporary staff through a staffing agency will fulfill these needs without the hassle of having to let staff go. This is a great solution for companies that need to fill large orders, are experiencing a busy season or need help with an expansion.

Any successful company knows that time is money. That is why you can’t waste time training inexperienced staff while projects slow to a crawl. Using a staffing agency provides access to employees trained and experienced in exactly your line of work.

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