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Maximize your Recruiting Efforts with Forge Industrial Staffing

September 16, 2019

Recruiting for temporary positions can sometimes seem like an impossible task. People tend to search for full-time employment instead of temporary, making it more difficult to fill those temporary openings. Once you’ve found people interested in the position, you have to weed through them by interviewing them and seeing who would be most qualified for the job. The whole process can take up valuable time that could be focused somewhere else within the company, so why not eliminate the process completely?

Forge Industrial Staffing is here to eliminate the hassle of finding people to fill your temporary positions. Forge Industrial Staffing is a professional staffing agency with 13 offices throughout Indiana and Michigan. Human Resource Managers turn to us when production is suffering due to lack of people, they are frustrated with spending too much of their time hiring entry level positions, their current vendor isn’t providing creative solutions, or doesn’t have the experience to address the challenges of today’s tough labor market, etc.

Clients of Forge find value in our client focus, our focus on industrial placement, our extended hours of operation, how quickly we respond to client communications, long term partnerships, the tenure of staff which brings deeps knowledge of our industry, and the fact that we love what we do and care deeply about our work.

Need a few more reasons why you should trust your hiring process to us? We’ll give you a couple reasons.


Here to benefit you

A specialized staffing agency, such as Forge Industrial Staffing, understands that the hiring process can be stressful. The purpose of a staffing agency is removing this stress from your own responsibilities, so you can focus more on what’s important. The Forge team performs interviews, background checks, and proper placement within your company’s needs, so you know you can rely on us to get you the most eligible employee for the job.


Trust the interview process

Forge understands the importance of finding someone who’s going to play a role in the success of your company. Not only do we complete the interviewing process and background checks, but we also perform drug screenings so you know you have hard-working, responsible individuals working for you. We pride ourselves on finding individuals who have the same work ethic and values as we do.


Know what we can provide you

You have an idea of the person you want to hire; all we want is to make sure we have an understanding of who that person is too. Part of maximizing your recruiting efforts with us is being specific and knowing what we specialize in. Forge Industrial Staffing is the most responsive provider of light industrial and manufacturing staffing. We specialize in providing employees on all shifts to manufacturing and warehouse facilities. To meet your expectations we both need to have a clear understanding of your specific needs. With that information, we can provide a tailored staffing solution to satisfy your own unique needs.


Stay connected with Forge Industrial Staffing

It’s important to stay in touch with us. You can gain valuable information about new employees that may fit your company, as well as having a resource when positions become available within the company if you stay in contact with Forge.  We are available from 5 am to midnight at most of our locations, with an answering service available after hours for emergency situations.


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