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Forge Tips for Going Green This Spring

April 2, 2019

When it comes to living a green lifestyle, many find it can be difficult to maintain good habits at work. Did you know that you can practice this lifestyle inside of work as well as outside? No matter where you work, there’s always the opportunity to make your office a little more earth friendly. Forge is always looking for new ways to, “go green” within the workplace. Here are a few helpful tips to help ensure that your company is doing everything it can to reduce its carbon footprint.


Talk to the maintenance and operations personnel at your company to find out where all of those bottles and cans are going. If they’re not going to a recycling plant, then make it your priority to take them there yourself. If there’s not already a place (bin, box, etc.) to put recyclables, start one. By creating a designated area to place recyclables, you’re encouraging others to start recycling as well by making it easier for them to place their plastic somewhere else besides the trash can.

Pack a lunch using reusable containers

Packing a lunch with reusable containers eliminates the need to throw away the unnecessary packaging that comes along with buying a lunch. Instead of having to throw away extra packaging every day for lunch, think about using reusable containers to bring your lunch to work. Nowadays many of these containers are microwave friendly. If you are unable to bring your lunch and have to buy a lunch, you can still help the environment by recycling the packaging afterwards.

Swapping out paper cups

It can be difficult to get off the paper cup train, but making an effort to use the same reusable cup every day can inspire others too. Over the course of a year, you’ll have saved hundreds of paper products by simply using your own mug and/or reusable water bottle. Make sure you are bringing in a reusable bottle and not a non-reusable bottle. Bringing in a non-reusable bottle defeats the purpose of eliminating plastic waste.

Reuse Paper

Before tossing a sticky note, or piece of paper into the recycling bin, consider whether the other side can be reused for scrap paper. Why waste a perfectly good piece of paper, because you only wrote on one side of it? Another thing to think about is printing paper. When you’re printing out documents that are longer than one page, ensure that you’re using both sides of the paper when you’re setting up the document print format on your computer.

Going green within your company doesn’t have to be complicated and it doesn’t have to be a drag. Sustainability in the workplace can be fun and easy, and it can provide excellent new ways to bond with your employees.

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