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Tips to Motivate your Employees

April 16, 2019

Have you ever noticed that volunteers tend to work harder than paid employees? This may be because of the satisfaction they feel knowing their work is appreciated. Part of the issue in today’s work environment is that employees feel undervalued and underappreciated meaning they aren’t as willing to put their all in their work. Motivated employees have long-term benefits for a company, such as saving you time hiring and training new people, but in what ways can managers motivate their employees?


Part of an employee feeling undervalued and underappreciated is that they don’t feel recognized for their contribution to the company. There is no question that people tend to do their best work when they are actually being recognized for the time and effort they have put in. It is important for employers to give more recognition This doesn’t always mean paying the employee a bonus or giving them a raise; sometimes it’s just as simple as making them employee of the week/month and recognizing them publicly.


Trust plays a big role in the relationship between an employer and employee. Employees who know their employers trust them will put in their best effort to keep that trust and work harder to build that trust further. With trust, comes responsibility. An employer who trusts their employee will more than likely give them more responsibility. Employees who have more responsibilities are more willing to rise to the challenges that are set in front of them.


Employees have ideas and creative intuitions too, so why not let them express it every once in a while? Not every job is going to require employees to be creative, but no matter the job, the employer should still spend some time listening and showing interest in what ideas the employee has. There ideas may not be the best for the company, but at least you took the time to show that you care about their input. The employee is going to be more motivated knowing their ideas for the company are valued.

Building relationships with your employees

An employee isn’t going to work as efficiently if there isn’t a relationship established between them and their employer. It is important to build a relationship with employees as they are one of the important factors to why your company runs in the first place. Showing interest in their work and valuing their effort can build that relationship. This will remind them that they are indeed appreciated.


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