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Why businesses choose Forge

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When it comes to your business, nothing is more important than staffing. Hiring the right individuals with the correct skill sets is a necessity in today’s competitive marketplace. Whether you work in industrial labor or a law office, finding the right people to employ can be demanding. When you’re busy with other aspects of your business, it can also be overwhelming.
This is why companies come to Forge when they need help with staffing. Whether it’s staffing 400 temps in one week or coming up with the perfect person at the very last minute, Forge does it all. We understand how urgent such needs can be, which is why the group at Forge treats every request with the utmost respect. Forge understands that clients are often pressed for time, which is why it also takes care of the administrative side of the equation. Billing is made incredibly easy, allowing clients to focus on what matters most — moving their businesses in the right direction.

It takes a dedicated temp agency to create partnerships that last years, supplying businesses with the best employees possible. Forge treats each and every client as a VIP, drawing upon years of experience to fit together each piece of the puzzle. With a knowledgeable team that understands all of the different sectors it serves, Forge exceeds client expectations daily, surprising businesses with the depth and breadth of its expertise.

Forge has even managed to win over some of the most notoriously discerning clients –human resources managers. These employment experts have been complimentary about Forge’s services, often commenting that it is rare for a temp agency to continuously uphold such a high level of service over the years. Part of the reason for this is Forge’s communication strategy, which encourages clients to reach out about their specific needs and address any concerns immediately.

Also, it is rare for a temp agency to maintain such comprehensive knowledge about so many different industries. From industrial labor to corporate hiring, Forge can do it all. When you read the client testimonials of people who have been working with Forge for a long time now—some over a decade—the consistent theme is one of dedication and innovation. Forge believes that temporary employment can be a wonderful opportunity for both clients and new employees.

However, Forge also realizes that there is a special art to selecting the right individuals for a temp gig. By working hard to understand the culture of each and every company they service, Forge is able to make an accurate assessment and then produce the right person or people for the position. With so much at stake, it makes sense to only put your trust in the best company for the job, Forge.

Q&A: Getting Employment with Forge

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Exactly what is a staffing firm and how does it work for me?

When you sign with a staffing firm, you have initiated a relationship with an agency that already has strong relationships with employers. Forge Industrial Staffing connects qualified candidates with employers offering light industrial jobs. Our reputation is dependent on the level of talent we provide. That’s why if you pass muster, rest assured we will represent you to the best of our abilities and get you to the best companies and temp jobs.

Are there any charges or fees I need to worry about?

Forge has no fees. Forge operates on a contingency basis only. That means the client pays when we fill their open positions. You only have to worry about being prepared to show our clients you’re the best employee they can get.

Why wouldn’t I just look for a job myself?

You certainly could, but the benefits of using a good staffing agency cannot be measured.

Forge can reach hiring managers a lot faster than you can. We also provide a level of  expertise in recruitment that helps avoid mistakes.
1. You’re going to have a difficult time finding temp jobs on the Internet. Almost all positions are channeled through agencies like Forge. A staffing agency is more likely to connect you with a job than you making phone calls and answering job posts.
2. An agency can provide job search tips to maximize the possibility of finding the best light industrial jobs.
3. It’s not unusual for Forge candidates to be hired after proving their mettle. If you are between jobs, going through a staffing agency could be the first step to closing that gap.
How can I increase the chances I will find work with Forge?

While Forge cannot guarantee a position at any given time, here are some job search tips.
• On any day you are looking for work, sign into the office lobby at least one hour prior to a desired shift time.
• Wear appropriate clothing for industrial environments.
• Have your photo ID.
• Be prepared to submit to a drug screening.

While Forge will do the heavy lifting, taking the initiative to be in the office and ready to work greatly increases your chances of finding employment.

Is there anything else I need to know?

Forge can be more than an outlet to temp jobs. Our counselors can be excellent conduits for everything from preparing for an interview to polishing your resume. Use our deep network to see trends, meet the right people and get a huge advantage over candidates using conventional methods to find industrial jobs.

I’m sold. What do I do next?

Check out what Forge can do. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Forge Industrial Staffing. Once you know what you’re getting into, feel out the online application and submit your resume.


How to Turn a Temporary Position into a Full-time Job

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Temporary positions are a great way to try out a company (if you’re the employee) and try out the employee (if you’re the hiring company). If you’re a temp employee looking for full-time work, below are some tips to maximize your time at your temp job.

Do your research

First of all, find out if the temporary job has the possibility of turning into a full-time employment opportunity. Then, be sure that you are working in a position that your training qualifies you for and in which you would like to function in the future. There’s little use in applying for a receptionist position when your degree is in sales, and that is where you believe your future lies, unless the job market is simply extremely competitive.

Get to know the company and its best people

Learn what the company is all about, from its vision down to the details of executing business. In the meantime, don’t forget about the many hard-working business owners, partners, managers and everyday employees and what they have to share. Glean the most you can from each day at the office while always striving to do your best work.

Go above and beyond

Each day, give 110% because how you start is a great indication for possible future employers about what kind of work they can expect from you. Be willing to ask questions but also be willing to take the ball and run with it when needed. If you need to eat lunch at your desk rather than go out in order to finish a project, do it. If you need to arrive a little early or stay a little late, make it happen. Be available to pitch in wherever needed and voice that availability to those around you.

Earn the right to be heard

Once you’ve learned the business and its people and worked hard to be invested in its success, you have most likely earned the right to be heard. Speak up to make suggestions for improvements, whether it’s streamlining a process, marketing a new product or something else, and then follow through with implementing your suggestions. Potential employers will most likely see your investment in the success of their company and keep that in mind when the next hiring season comes around.

Communicate your interest in full-time employment

In a positive and tactful way, communicate your desire to work for the company to the hiring manager, your immediate manager and the staffing agency. Then, be flexible with how it plays out. You may try something like, “Wow! I never imagined I’d enjoy working for a company so much” or “I would jump at an opportunity to be part of this company’s team on a full-time basis.”

Of course, not every temporary job results in a full-time one, but being invested in the company and exceeding expectations while you’re there go a long way in making you a front-runner at hiring time.

What Do You Need to Consider When Using Temporary Employees?

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Most business owners will eventually come to a point where they need to hire  short-term employees. The process for doing this doesn’t have to be long or difficult. Staffing agencies can make your hiring process a breeze, but there are still a few things to consider before you hire.

The Cost of Hiring

When you bring a new employee into your business, you probably don’t think about what the hiring process costs. You have the expense of job ads or fairs, the cost of your time to look through resumes, fees associated with background checks, and the expenditure of training a new staff member. For a savvy business owner, it doesn’t make sense to spend so much on a short-term investment.

Fortunately, because temporary employees don’t require the same benefits as permanent employees, it’s typically cheaper to hire temps for short-term assignments. Plus, if you hire from a staffing agency, it will handle the employee’s background testing, all necessary paperwork, and payroll. This will allow you to save both time and money.

Types of Short-Term Workers

While you may be under the impression that contractors and temporary employees are the same thing, there is one very important reason to understand the distinction: there are legal implications of hiring each. Because contractors are not considered employees, you won’t be responsible for providing them with benefits or even paying taxes for unemployment.

Temporary employees, on the other hand, are treated similarly to any other employee. While benefits that must be provided vary from state to state, you will most likely be required to offer unemployment benefits, worker’s compensation, and to pay Social Security taxes.

It’s important to consider how hiring a temporary employee or contractor could affect your bottom line. If you don’t have it in your budget to hire a temporary employee and offer the necessary benefits for a very brief assignment, it could be in your best interest to hire a contractor instead. However, if the assignment is going to last for several months, you may have no choice other than to hire a temporary employee.

Safety Concerns

Whenever a new staff member comes on board, it’s important to make safety a priority for everyone. For jobs that can be dangerous, special care should be taken to ensure that the temporary employee has all of the necessary safety training in order to perform their job tasks. Never assume that your new worker has been in identical conditions previously and knows exactly what to do in the event of a hazardous situation.

Needing a temporary employee isn’t a bad thing– it’s often a sign that your company is growing. As long as you research good hiring practices and ensure that your temporary employee is an adequate fit for your business, the whole experience can be good for all parties involved.

Advantages of Using a Staffing Agency

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The need to fill new employee positions and handle employee turnover is a constant challenge for growing companies. Many companies are finding it more cost effective to use the services of a professional staffing agency instead of an in-house human resources department. It does not matter the type of employees needed; staffing agencies provide a number of important advantages.


A professional staffing agency has more experience than many human resources departments. The process of hiring employment specialists as well as getting a manager to properly supervise human resources staff takes time, effort and money. A staffing agency is able to compete with the employment specialists in any company. It can provide what is needed at a lower cost.


A staffing agency is only focused on providing the right employee for the desired position. It does no other work. This level of focus enables it to develop and maintain a large network of available workers. Should an employer need seasonal workers, it would need to advertise the positions, interview potential employees, process all of the required documentation for a short employment period. When this same company uses a staffing agency, it will work with an organization that has an established network of workers with proven track records and are looking for short-term employment. An agency will be able to provide the necessary staffing quickly and at a reasonable cost.

Less Risk

When a company uses a professional staffing agency, it will get the workers it needs and not have to pay any human resources overhead. It’s possible for a company to have a person work for it for a period of time before they commit to hiring. During this time, the company has no liability. The staffing agency deals with payroll taxes, workman’s compensation insurance and unemployment claims. If the company doesn’t find the person’s work acceptable, it can easily ask for another candidate.

Cost Effective

A company will be able to get the employees it needs at an affordable cost. It will not need to provide any benefits unless it hires the employee. Many companies use temporary staff to decrease overtime costs paid to their full-time employees. If a company has a busy season each year, a staffing agency will be able to maintain a database of previous employees and prepare to meet any additional staffing needs each year.

Increased Productivity

When regular staff is required to put in overtime for an extended period of time, it can have a negative effect on a company’s staffing levels. It could lead to low morale, decreased motivation and increased employee turnover. Using employees from a staffing agency can help lower the need for overtime and help retain important employees. It can help increase productivity and decrease a company’s downtime.

How to Motivate Employees Around the Holidays

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Before you know it, the holiday season will be in full swing. It’s that time of year when people think about their families, travel, and the upcoming celebrations. It can be difficult to stay focused on work. As an employer, you can find creative ways to keep the spirit of the season alive while everyone continues to focus on work.

Don’t be a Scrooge

Getting tough on your staff during the holiday season is the worst move you could make. You’ll only make everyone reluctant to be productive. Address your employees in a positive manner, whether you are speaking to them directly or sending out written communication. Be sure to compliment excellent performance. Offer incentives that will make your staff eager to do their best. When you are committed to treating your work force well, you will receive the same in return.

Break Out the Refreshments in the Staff Room

Food goes along way when it comes to making people happy. Bringing in an assortment of holiday donuts and hot beverages will make your staff feel appreciated. In addition to supplying your own refreshments, set up a sign-up sheet so people can do a pot luck for lunch or breakfast. Throughout the holiday months of November and December, make it a weekly event that your staff can plan and enjoy. They’ll look forward to unwinding, chatting, and sharing a tasty treat before they get back to work.

Decorate for the Season

Add a decorative touch to the workplace. You can do it yourself or put an enthusiastic member of your staff in charge of bringing in the holiday cheer. When you lift the spirits of your employees by creating an inviting atmosphere, you make it easier for everyone to come to work.

Host a Party

No holiday season is complete without a party. Your employees work hard for you throughout the year and you want to recognize their efforts. You can plan a party at the job site or book a venue. Pull out the stops and give your employees the royal treatment. When you make them feel like they matter, you are more likely to have a loyal staff that will remain with your business through thick and through thin.

You’ll also motivate your employees to give you their best during the holidays and throughout the year. Be sure to join in the fun with your staff as you celebrate the season together.

Appreciate Your Employees with a Holiday Party

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You might have an excellent product or service that is head and shoulders above the competition, but you need a great team of employees to deliver. They deserve your appreciation.

This holiday season, give your employees a party as your way of saying thank you. Investing in a holiday party boosts morale and fosters teamwork. Your employees are more likely to remain loyal to you when they feel like they matter. Break out the holiday cheer and spread the joy. It will come back to you tenfold.

Deck the Halls at Work

Begin by creating a festive atmosphere at work. Surprise your staff by pulling out all of the stops with decorations throughout your building. They’ll light up and smile when they see the holiday elves have been hard at work while everyone else was at home. A few lights, a tree, and colorful flowers are simple ways to bring cheer.

Food, Lots of Food

If you decide to hold your holiday party at work, try holding it during the day instead of after work hours. Give employees a break from the daily grind. Begin with breakfast treats in the morning. Roll in the lunch treats later, and round it out with cookies, cakes and other sweet treats. Fill up the punch bowl, set out a cooler filled with bottled drinks, and encourage your team to drop in at any time throughout the day to enjoy the goodies.

Pick a Party Place

You can go above and beyond your office party by planning an event outside of work. Choose a location where your employees can have a night on the town. You need a venue where they can eat a nice meal, dance, listen to music, and visit. If you’re worried about anyone indulging too much, include hotel rooms to ensure your staff members are safe. It’s going to be expensive, but it’s an investment you are making to keep your business on solid ground. If your team is strapped for time, contact an event production company such as Compass Rose Events that handles everything from event logistics to making sure that Santa Claus makes an appearance. When you give back to your employees, you are also giving a gift to yourself through your generosity of spirit.

Eat, drink, and be merry with your staff during the most festive time of the year. As the old year comes to a close, you’ll set the stage for a good year ahead.

Why is OSHA Important?

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A job interview can be intimidating as you imagine all of the interview questions that could be coming your way. Preparing yourself is key in order to relieve nerves and present a confident manner while you speak with your potential employer. Have a list of your own interview questions to put your mind at ease so that you will be in the know as well. One of the points that should come at the top of your list is OSHA and the workplace.

What is OSHA?

OSHA is the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. It is a federal component of the Department of Labor. It has been established under federal law to workplace safety to protect you while you are on the job. OSHA makes your safety a priority to minimize the risk of injury while you are working.

Why is OSHA Important?

OSHA requires your employer to follow federal standards when it comes to employee health and safety. That means that your workplace needs to be a safe place and that safety measures must be enforced to protect you from potential hazards. If you are headed into an industrial field, you are going to be faced with dangerous situations, whether you are dealing with hazardous chemicals or heavy equipment that can open you up to the risk of injury.

Your employer has to follow all OSHA requirements to make sure you are protected while around dangerous chemicals through the use of protective clothing, proper containment of chemicals, and clear labels. In addition, your employer is mandated by OSHA to provide you with the proper training when it comes to working with equipment that could place you in danger.

Ask Your Potential Employer About OSHA at the Facility

As you discuss your potential position with your interviewer, inquire about OSHA regulations, any toxic chemicals that are used at the facility, and safety measures that are in place to protect you. You need to know what your employer is doing to protect you and all of your fellow workers. Take your interview a step further and ask if you can take a walk through the premises to see that the facility is up to par when it comes to OSHA regulations. Look for hazard signs, protective garments, and ask about training that will be provided before using any type of equipment. OSHA is here to protect you and your employer is legally bound by this part of the federal government. Don’t be afraid to voice your concerns and protect your rights. A safe worker will be a productive worker.

If you need assistance finding a job, contact Forge Industrial Staffing. Visit or call or visit one of our 11 locations in Indiana and Michigan.

Key Points to Writing a Successful Job Ad

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When writing job ads or descriptions, there are a few keys to winnowing the applicants and finding the right candidate. Use these tips to help write job descriptions in your employment ads.

Specific Job Name/Title: With job descriptions, start by using the correct job name and title. To get more clicks and views, the ad has to be targeted at the type of worker one is hiring. For example, the word “managers” can include anyone who worked at a coffee shop to someone who oversaw a large corporate merger, but by including keywords that target the type of applicant, such as hedge fund office manager, this can eliminate people who might apply but have no finance experience.

Target Experience: Another area that needs focus and attention is the actual job description. No one wants to be inundated with thousands of applications at once only to find that the candidates didn’t read the description or a particular item wasn’t included that could have cut the list in half. For example, by letting candidates know they will need to pass a background check and must be certified in human resource management, this can eliminate a lot of job seekers who would randomly apply, thereby narrowing down the search to more qualified candidates. It’s also not enough to look strictly for college graduates, as the field is so broad, but include criteria such as: recent banking experience or Excel expert. Reference for Business says clear and concise descriptions can help find the right candidate.

Write Out Day-to-Day Tasks: When writing a job ad or description, write out all the specific tasks that the job includes.

List Important Issues at the Top – In Bold: Because job seekers may only skim a description before committing to sending a resume, put in bold at the very top any area that needs to be addressed ahead of time. For example, if the position is salaried, but the employee needs to stay late, as needed, state that. One of the reasons managers want to highlight areas that might be overlooked is to narrow the type of worker they are hiring. It should be someone who takes the time to read through the description thoroughly and understands their future responsibilities. If a manager is ever unsure, point out to the applicant the area of concern to be sure it’s not overlooked.

Highlight the Benefits of the Company: Paychex points out that 56% of companies have trouble hiring top candidates. Highlighting benefits showcases your key selling points. List the vacation time, weekends off, flexible schedule, and other key selling points.

Ultimately, the goal is to let the writing of the job description streamline the list of candidates. It’s also important to highlight the benefits of the company to strong applicants and confirm that the description has been read thoroughly. The more accurate the description, the better the experience in hiring the best candidate.

Flu Season Creates Staffing Challenges

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The annual flu season is approaching, and the illness often sweeps through workplaces as if it were an epidemic. There seems to be no end to the absences of sick employees during winter, and the desks of flu victims can remain empty for too long.

There are some things employers can do to minimize the impact of flu. The first is to encourage employees to get flu shots. Some businesses make it easy for employees by offering shots on site. Employers an also encourage healthy behavior, like frequent hand-washing to prevent the spread of the virus. Managers should also encourage ill employees to take sick days so they don’t spread the flu bug.

Encouraging employees to stay healthy limits lost time and keeps the business running smoothly.

Of course, even the best plans to keep employees healthy and working can go awry. As a backup plan, work with a local staffing agency like Forge Industrial Staffing to supply temporary workers to pick up the slack when flu hits.

Hiring a temporary staffer lets ill employees know their work will be done during their absences.

Though flu prevention and damage control may seem daunting, hiring a temporary employee, such as one from Forge Staffing, can make things easy and keep the flow of productivity in the event of a workplace flu outbreak.

Employers can learn more at