Be Kind, Respectful and Support One Another

Like we’ve said before, it’s important that we be there for one another during this trying time. Restaurants, bars, and other small businesses took a big hit when they were mandated to close more than a week ago. Many of these restaurants and bars have come up with other ways to support themselves by offering […]

Introducing the New Forge Mobile App

Did you hear the news?! Forge Industrial Staffing now has their very own mobile app; making it easier now more than ever to find a job! Use our new mobile app to connect with on of our 13 branches in Indiana or Michigan and apply to open positions with a single click. Our new mobile […]

Job Tips for Felons

Getting a job can be difficult for anyone, and it’s especially hard for felons. If you have a felony on your record, that does not mean that you can’t get a job and should give up. It does means that you have to work harder at it – which you can do. There are, in […]

Five Personal Qualities Every Employer Wants to Hire

Hiring managers are human beings, so they all have personal likes, dislikes, preferences and points of view, but there are five characteristics that every manager wants to see in every new hire. You’ll stand a better chance of being hired if you emphasize these qualities when you write your resume or go in for an […]

Feeling Overwhelmed By Your Job Search? Start Here.

Job hunting is rarely a pleasant activity, but it doesn’t have to be nightmare. Smart seekers who match their job search efforts to the types of fields they want to break into find it easier to establish lucrative connections. Here’s how Forge is changing the way professionals engage with the industrial labor market. The Unique […]

Five Smart Ways to Stand Out at a Job Fair

A job fair is a tool that employers commonly use to fill their staffing needs, and it’s a great way for those seeking employment to apply for a variety of jobs in one setting. However, you will most likely be applying for the same openings as hundreds of other hopeful job seekers, so you’ll need […]

Spring Clean Your Job Search

With the advent of spring, many people start a list of chores that need to be completed at home. But, homeowners are not the only people who need to worry about spring cleaning. As someone looking for work, you also need to conduct a thorough spring cleaning every year to keep yourself ready for opportunities […]

How to Write Emails Like a Pro

First came the Stone Age, then the Bronze Age, and finally, the Iron Age. It would be fairly difficult for anyone to argue that we aren’t currently existing in the Computer Age, as these devices seem to have become present in nearly all facets of our lives, from landing airplanes to video chatting with Grandma. […]

Q&A: Getting Employment with Forge

Exactly what is a staffing firm and how does it work for me? When you sign with a staffing firm, you have initiated a relationship with an agency that already has strong relationships with employers. Forge Industrial Staffing connects qualified candidates with employers offering light industrial jobs. Our reputation is dependent on the level of […]

5 Steps to Make your Workplace Greener

When it comes to living a green lifestyle, many find it can be difficult to maintain good habits at work. Here are some tips to help ensure that the business you work for is doing everything it can to reduce its carbon footprint. Research the Recycling Talk to the maintenance and operations people at your […]