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Spring Clean Your Job Search

April 8, 2016

With the advent of spring, many people start a list of chores that need to be completed at home. But, homeowners are not the only people who need to worry about spring cleaning. As someone looking for work, you also need to conduct a thorough spring cleaning every year to keep yourself ready for opportunities that could arise in the months ahead. You should take advantage of spring as an opportunity to update resumes, network with prospective employers, and polish your online presence. Successfully completing spring cleaning this year can help simplify future job searches.

Declutter Your Resume

Many employees accumulate new credentials they want to add to their resume each year, and busy people rarely have the time to go back to decide which items to remove. While most individuals seeking employment want to write a whole book describing their accomplishments, the reality is that resumes shouldn’t be longer than two pages. To ensure that employers see everything you have to offer, prioritize your credentials so that the most important items are apparent. Each spring aim to declutter your resume so that it’s ready for the next big opportunity.

Refresh Your Job Network

Networking is a critical aspect of finding a job, but most employees neglect this important activity. Finding a job is not as simple as sending in an application because human relationships ultimately drive employment. Therefore, relationships must be nurtured throughout an employee’s career to ensure the steady availability of jobs. Refreshing your network, then, is another good job search tip to follow during your job search spring cleaning.

Clean Up Your Online Presence

An individual’s appearance online can have a significant impact on employability. Many employers check social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. Job seekers who have published work demonstrating their expertise are more likely to successfully find an employer. Instead of taking a gamble on an employee who might not be a real expert, employers prefer to hire someone whose capabilities they can verify online. Many employees have had success by creating a website to post some of their best work. Remove negative information from the Internet to prevent losing a potential opportunity. If you’re seeking a job, make sure you clean up your digital presence for future employers who might look online.

Job Search Tips

If you recognize that the process of finding work has changed, you’ll have a significant advantage in today’s job market. As a prospective employee, you need to update information about yourself more often to stay current in a fast-paced economy. Those who learn to adapt to employer expectations can thrive; investing a small amount of effort each spring can yield significant benefits in the future.

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