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Five Smart Ways to Stand Out at a Job Fair

April 15, 2016

A job fair is a tool that employers commonly use to fill their staffing needs, and it’s a great way for those seeking employment to apply for a variety of jobs in one setting. However, you will most likely be applying for the same openings as hundreds of other hopeful job seekers, so you’ll need to stand out from the crowd if you’re to be successful. The tips below should get you noticed for all the right reasons.

Dress Appropriately for the Job You Seek

While the advice to dress for success is an old nugget of wisdom, it couldn’t be more accurate. You truly get but one chance to make that important first impression on a potential employer. Dress as you would for your actual first interview and be sure to choose clothing that is simple, conservative and appropriate for the job you want.

Polish Your Resume

It’s important that you learn about each company that will be represented at the job fair so that you can create separate, specific resumes that target each company. A resume tailored to a specific company will help you be taken seriously as an applicant. Follow these excellent resume tips for the best results.

Conduct Yourself Professionally

Once you have the opportunity to speak with a representative of a company, be sure to be polite and discuss ways you feel your experience can benefit the company. Use the knowledge you’ve gained about the company beforehand to provide specific examples of the ways you feel you will be an asset. Learn more about how the hiring process works to be sure you’re as prepared as possible.

Address Potential Employers With Confidence

Approach each potential employer with a firm handshake and direct eye contact, introduce yourself with a well-rehearsed pitch that quickly sells you as a potential candidate and be sure to address the company representative with respect at all times.

Follow Up

During your time at the fair, you’ll want to be sure to ask each person you speak with for a business card. Make notes of pertinent details of your conversation on the back of it, and be sure to call in the next two or three days to thank them for their time. That follow-up call can make all the difference in the world regarding whether or not you get the job.

A Successful Career Awaits

Follow these tips, and a good company is sure to decide you’re the right one to fill its staffing needs. The right employment opportunity may be waiting for you at job fairs in your area. You can learn more about obtaining the job you want by following these additional helpful hints.




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