How to Be the Job Candidate Employers Seek

By September 4, 2015Tips for Job Seekers

Whether you are in search of a new job or preparing for an interview, you should be ready at all times. You should arm yourself with the knowledge, talents, traits, and skills that every single employer seeks.

How to write a resume for a particular job 

Choosing the words to include on your resume requires research into specific words to be used for headings, job titles, accomplishments, education, as well as objectives.

So, which words should you use when writing your resume? First of all, note that there are specific keywords for your industry, profession or field. Look at the words the employer has used in the job posting.

Do your research and know the vocabulary you should use to describe the skills as they apply to the job you’re seeking. Of course, words used by the employer may not be similar to terms in your education, training, experience, or certification. Try to match them as much as you can.

Most employers receive numerous applications once they advertise job openings. It is therefore quite a challenge to go through the applications one by one. However, some employers use software that searches for keywords for the required skills. That’s why it’s important to use keywords, albeit appropriately. Don’t try to “stuff” keywords into your resume just to be discovered by computer software.

To optimize your resume keywords, use “power words.” These are words that appeal to the reader and show how vibrant you are.

Qualities that make you the best candidate for a job

First and foremost, you will be asked this question: do you have experience? An employer can only be convinced if you volunteered or worked for a similar company.  Apart from experience, here are traits/qualities that employers are looking for in candidates:

  • Flexibility: Can you adapt easily and quickly? How well do you react to changes? If you are flexible, you will still perform well at work even if you are moved to departments that you are not familiar.
  • Self-control and maturity: Will you join a crowd even if it’s doing a wrong thing?.
  • Inner strength: Having an inner strength means you have the ability to persevere even when the going gets tough. Always stay calm.
  • Courage and confidence: Feel free to speak your mind, even during the interview. Additionally, do not be afraid to take risks. Employers like people who are willing to accept challenges.
  • Competence: Can you get the job done?
  • Likability: Employers like team players — people who are cooperative, easygoing, and friendly. If you are willing to work as part of a team, then you are capable of bringing about success in a company.
  • Leadership ability: You should be able to take charge and ensure the company’s goals are met. A good leader does not make excuses. Instead, he or she finds out what needs to be done and makes sure it is done to a tee.
  • Intelligence: You should be able to solve problems as well as set priorities.

Having a nice resume or wearing the right clothing is not enough when preparing for a job interview.  Follow these tips and you will become an exceptional job candidate.

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