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Job hunting is rarely a pleasant activity, but it doesn’t have to be nightmare. Smart seekers who match their job search efforts to the types of fields they want to break into find it easier to establish lucrative connections. Here’s how Forge is changing the way professionals engage with the industrial labor market.

The Unique Problems of Industrial Employment Fulfillment
Light industrial jobs are special because they’re important to a broad spectrum of industries. For instance, an immunology scientist may work in a medical research laboratory. A machine operator or QC inspector might also find work with the same lab’s supply-chain department, but they could just as easily be employed by retail manufacturers or construction firms.

On the one hand, this means there are many viable career paths to follow. It also makes it difficult to craft your resume and build experience that might suit a given position. Prospective employers might also fail to immediately recognize how your particular combination of skills from diverse fields could be an extremely valuable asset.

The Value of Forging Connections
Of course, employment isn’t just about having the right kind of expertise. According to job-market data published in the Huffington Post, networking played a role in a whopping 80 percent of the jobs filled in 2013. In short, even if you’re extremely talented, building relationships definitely matters.

Why do connections matter so much?  Software disqualifies 50 percent of applications before a human being ever sees them. Employers can pick and choose, so you must stand out.

Seeking employment through a reputable network could determine whether your application gets noticed early enough to surmount the initial hurdles. By giving hiring managers the ability to judge your skills within the context of your connections, industrial labor tools like Forge help you make a lasting impression.

Focusing Your Industrial Job Search
In 2015, 66 percent of companies failed to use social media to promote jobs. Still, increasing numbers of employers are using industry-specific networking platforms to find and screen prospective candidates. It’s critical that you network using a platform that caters to industrial labor.
Beginning your job search by posting a resume on Forge is a great way to advance your career. Making yourself more available to entry-level, skilled, permanent and temporary jobs might help you gain experience that you can actually build on as you move forward. It’s also a good way to learn about the labor market and discover the real-world value of your resume in order to gain negotiating leverage for salaries, benefits and schedule accommodations.

Finally, remember that finding a light-industry job is different from working in other fields. While some positions may not require specific skills, almost all companies seek assurances that you’re reliable, hardworking and ready to learn. Get started at forgestaff.com today.

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