March 2023

H-eye! Did you know that March is Workplace Eye Wellness Month? That fact that you are reading this means you can still see. Let’s make sure to keep it that way. Common causes of workplace eye injuries are flying debris like metal pieces or glass, tools, chemicals, harmful radiation, and eye strain due to digital devices. Most […]

Forge Statement on Child Labor Reports

We have been horrified at reports of the scope and scale of exploitive child labor across the United States. The stories have been shocking, but unfortunately, not surprising for those of us who have worked in the staffing industry and who have had to be wary of exploitive sponsors, forged paperwork, unsafe working conditions and […]

February 2023

Hello! Did you know that February is American Heart Month? Do You Know the Warning Signs of a Heart Attack or Heart Stroke?  Not only is this important in your personal life, but it’s also important at the job site.  You could help save a coworker’s life. What is a heart attack? A heart attack […]

Benefits of Working With A Staffing Agency

The job market in Indiana and Michigan is rapidly changing and many companies are finding it increasingly difficult to keep up with the ever-evolving demands of their industries. The shift towards e-commerce and the increased demand for warehousing and manufacturing services has put pressure on companies to quickly adapt to changing market conditions. This has […]

January 2023

If you’re going to be working outdoors this winter, you’ll need to dress appropriately to avoid getting sick or hurt. Whether you are going to be exposed to the elements for a brief period of time or you will be spending hours battling harsh weather conditions, you need to take the same precautions. It only […]

December 2022

Hello! Please join the Forge Safety Team in making safety your New Year’s Resolution! Let us start with preventing accidents from happening.  Do you know what a “Near Miss” is?  Reporting a near miss to the Safety Team can help prevent you and others from injury. “Near Misses” are defined as an unplanned event that […]

November 2022

Hello! Often times the weather takes a drastic turn in November/December lasting many months into the Spring.  We want everyone to remember to be safe when walking into and out of the workplace. Here are some safety tips to remember: The Forge Safety Team is here to help you!  We always want to keep you and […]

10 Jobs You Can Get Without Experience!

10 JOBS YOU CAN GET WITHOUT EXPERIENCE! Forge Industrial Staffing has many positions available, and many of them require no previous experience at all. Our goal is to place and support workers of all experience levels, so if you have yet to acquire anything, we can still find something that will work for you! These […]

Avoiding Heat Illness

Avoiding Heat Illness Happy summer everyone! Lots of people enjoy the nice warm weather, but at some point, the heat can get quite overwhelming. This becomes especially apparent while working in many jobs in the industrial sector.   What is Heat Illness? Wherever you work, around this time of year, you can expect to feel […]

Automation and Robotic Safety

Automation and Robotic Safety When working an industrial job there are many factors an employee should be cautious of to avoid an on-site potential injury.  A man-made machine that has the potential to cause you harm is not just a thing of science fiction. The terminator is not the only machine you should have nightmares […]