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June 2023

June 14, 2023

Machine Safeguarding – Hazards and Safe Practices


Machinery is a major source of injury. While employers are responsible to establish safeguards to protect employees, it is essential to follow safe practices to avoid injury. Here are some possible hazards you should look out for while at work.

Motion Hazards

– Pull-in hazards can grab and pull loose material like clothing and hair. Causes include rotating parts or in-running nip points.
– Caught-between hazards can catch the operator between two moving parts or between a moving part and a fixed object. Causes include punching parts.
Cutting hazards can be caused by sharp machine parts like table saw blades.

Those hazards might sound intimidating but with the help of a proper safety protocol you won’t have to worry about getting injured while at work. Here are some safety practices to follow to avoid injury.

Safe Practices

– Only operate machines that you are fully trained and authorized to use.
– Only use machines that are properly maintained and in safe working condition.
– Only use a machine the way it is designed to be used and according to all the manufacturer’s safety requirements.
– Tie back loose hair and do not wear loose clothing or jewelry around machinery.
– Keep fingers, hand, arms, and clothing clear from all moving components.
– Assure that all safeguards are in place before operating equipment.
– Never remove, modify, or bypass guards.
– Before starting, assure people are clear of the moving parts, and warn them it is starting.
– Never reach into any hazard area or moving portion of a machine for any reason, including removing a blockage or for maintenance, without first implementing proper lockout/tagout.
– Always turn off machines when you have finished using them.
– Notify supervisors if a machine is not working properly.

These are not the only safety practices you should follow but they’re a good start to keeping yourself out of harm’s way!

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