The Need for Skilled Industrial Workers Is Rising

The evolution of the industrial labor market is transforming more than just the way employers manage existing workforces. For years, companies have contended with shortages of skilled workers. Employment experts predict these trends will have an ever-increasing impact on how HR departments acquire talent. Understanding the Shortage In June 2015, Forbes reported on a survey […]

How to Turn a Temporary Position into a Full-time Job

Temporary positions are a great way to try out a company (if you’re the employee) and try out the employee (if you’re the hiring company). If you’re a temp employee looking for full-time work, below are some tips to maximize your time at your temp job. Do your research First of all, find out if […]

What Do You Need to Consider When Using Temporary Employees?

Most business owners will eventually come to a point where they need to hire short-term employees. The process for doing this doesn’t have to be long or difficult. Staffing agencies, like ourselves, can make your hiring process a breeze, but there are still a few things to consider before you hire. The Cost of Hiring […]

Why is OSHA Important?

A job interview can be intimidating as you imagine all of the interview questions that could be coming your way. Preparing yourself is key in order to relieve nerves and present a confident manner while you speak with your potential employer.  One of the points that should come at the top of your list is […]