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Why is OSHA Important?

October 5, 2015

A job interview can be intimidating as you imagine all of the interview questions that could be coming your way. Preparing yourself is key in order to relieve nerves and present a confident manner while you speak with your potential employer.  One of the points that should come at the top of your list is OSHA and the workplace.

What is OSHA?

OSHA is the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. It is a federal component of the Department of Labor. It has been established under federal law to workplace safety to protect you while you are on the job. OSHA makes your safety a priority to minimize the risk of injury while you are working.

Why is OSHA Important?

OSHA requires your employer to follow federal standards when it comes to employee health and safety. That means that your workplace needs to be a safe place and that safety measures must be enforced to protect you from potential hazards. If you are headed into an industrial field, you could be faced with dangerous situations, whether you are dealing with hazardous chemicals or heavy equipment that can raise your risk of injury.

Your employer has to follow all OSHA requirements to make sure you are protected while around dangerous chemicals through the use of protective clothing, proper containment of chemicals, and clear labels. In addition, your employer is mandated by OSHA to provide you with the proper training when it comes to working with equipment that could place you in danger.

Ask Your Potential Employer About OSHA at the Facility

As you discuss your potential position with your interviewer, inquire about OSHA regulations, any toxic chemicals that are used at the facility, and safety measures that are in place to protect you. You need to know what your employer is doing to protect you and all of your fellow workers.  Don’t be afraid to voice your concerns and protect your rights. A safe worker will be a productive worker.

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