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Forge Employee Profile Lorna Miller

February 7, 2024

Q: Please tell us about your background, including where you’re from and what led you to join Forge, as well as what you were doing before your current role.

A: As the Executive Director of Corporate Services at Forge Industrial Staffing, my journey to this position has been a fulfilling one. I grew up in a community that valued hard work and perseverance, which shaped my professional ethos. Before joining Forge, I was a supervisor for Sears in their parts and service department. This experience laid the foundation for my career at Forge. I started my job search just like anyone else, looking for decent pay, fair treatment, and advancement opportunities, but I also wanted a place that I could make a career out of and retire from. I was drawn to Forge’s reputation for excellence and its commitment to both clients and employees. Soon after starting at Forge as an assistant payroll administrator in 1996, I found the company’s environment invigorating, and it’s values aligned with my own. I came to the quick conclusion that I made the right move and found my new home.

Q: Please tell us about your background, including where you’re from and what led you to join Forge, as well as what you were doing before your current role.

A: My career trajectory at Forge has been marked by consistent growth and opportunities. Since joining in June of 1996, I’ve been promoted six times, each time taking on more responsibilities and challenges. A major milestone was overseeing a company-wide implementation from one software system to another. This project was significant not just for its scale but also for the way it enhanced our operational efficiency and service delivery.

Q: What are some memorable experiences or projects at Forge that you are particularly proud of, and why?

A: Among the many projects I’ve spearheaded, the creation of the Leadership Development Program is the one thing I am most proud of. I would often be approached by team members who would ask about my story and career path with Forge. I soon recognized the need to make something available to our team members that could provide a clear path for growth for those with the desire to grow within our company. Our leadership development program is still alive and well today. It has helped to equip our team members with the skills to become effective leaders within Forge and in future endeavors.

Q: How would you describe Forge’s impact for its clients, on its industry or community, and what do you believe sets it apart from competitors?

A: Forge’s impact on our clients and the industry is tremendous. We do more than just fill job positions; we forge meaningful connections between clients and candidates. What sets us apart, truthfully, is our team members and our personal touch in building relationships. It’s not just about job matching or finding the right fit for both our clients and our service associates. It has more to do with our willingness to give back to the communities in which we serve, our company culture, and living by our mission statement: 1) Treat everyone like you would like to be treated; 2) Work with passion; 3) Work with discipline; and 4) Have fun.

Q: Reflecting on your time at Forge, what have been the most significant lessons or insights you’ve gained?

A: Reflecting on my time at Forge, the most significant lesson has been the importance of adaptability and continuous learning. The staffing industry is dynamic, and staying ahead requires an open mind and a commitment to innovation. Another key insight is the value of relationships—with clients, candidates, and colleagues. These relationships are the cornerstone of our success and the driving force behind our impact in the industry.

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