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The Importance of Machine Guards

March 30, 2021



Just a friendly reminder about Machine Safety.

Machines can help improve production efficiency in the workplace. However, their moving parts, sharp edges, and hot surfaces can also cause serious workplace injuries such as crushed fingers or hands, amputations, burns, or blindness. Safeguards are essential to protect workers from injury. Any machine part, function, or process that might cause injury should be safeguarded. When the operation of a machine may result in a contact injury to the operator or others in the area, the hazard should be removed or controlled.

If you witness an unguarded machine or a machine that appears to be unsafe, please reach out to Forge and let us know immediately. 

Keep yourself and others safe!  You could be preventing an injury!

Do you have a safety tip you would like to share with our team?  Feel free, at any time, to reply with a tip!  We would love to hear from you! In fact, we will reward you with a free gift for helping out!

The Forge Safety Team is here to help you!  We always want to keep you and other employees of Forge safe while on the job.  This means we often need your help in communicating anything you feel is unsafe. 

You can email, call, or fill out the contact us form on our website (see below).




Stay safe and never hesitate to reach out with any questions you have!

– The Forge Safety Team

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