May 2023

Hello! During the month of May, we want to focus on posture in the workplace. Many people stand for a minimum of 8 hours during their shift. Here are 6 tips to better your posture and overall health at work. Do you have a safety tip you would like to share with our team? Feel […]

April 2023

Regardless of the type of position you’re seeking, either with a staffing agency or Fortune 500 company, the process is generally the same. You’ll want to spend time crafting a strong resume that identifies your marketable skills and matches the needs of the potential employer. Here are 5 tips to keep in mind when you’re […]

February 2023

Hello! Did you know that February is American Heart Month? Do You Know the Warning Signs of a Heart Attack or Heart Stroke?  Not only is this important in your personal life, but it’s also important at the job site.  You could help save a coworker’s life. What is a heart attack? A heart attack […]

December 2022

Hello! Please join the Forge Safety Team in making safety your New Year’s Resolution! Let us start with preventing accidents from happening.  Do you know what a “Near Miss” is?  Reporting a near miss to the Safety Team can help prevent you and others from injury. “Near Misses” are defined as an unplanned event that […]

10 Jobs You Can Get Without Experience!

10 JOBS YOU CAN GET WITHOUT EXPERIENCE! Forge Industrial Staffing has many positions available, and many of them require no previous experience at all. Our goal is to place and support workers of all experience levels, so if you have yet to acquire anything, we can still find something that will work for you! These […]

Automation and Robotic Safety

Automation and Robotic Safety When working an industrial job there are many factors an employee should be cautious of to avoid an on-site potential injury.  A man-made machine that has the potential to cause you harm is not just a thing of science fiction. The terminator is not the only machine you should have nightmares […]