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Tips to Avoid Winter Slip and Fall Injuries

November 30, 2021



Often times the weather takes a drastic turn in December lasting many months into the Spring.  We want everyone to remember to be safe when walking into and out of the workplace. 
Here are some safety tips to remember:

  • Focus on your footing. Watch where you walk. Concentrate on getting from point A to point B safely.Winter Walking Safety
  • Walk like a penguin. Use short, slow steps.
  • Do not use your cell phone while walking from the parking lot or on entryway stairs into the building.
  • Use handrails on entryway stairs and do not rush.
  • Be aware of changes in walking surfaces. Many falls are caused when people do not realize they are leaving non-slippery surfaces for slippery ones.
  • Free up your hands. Use a carrying case with a shoulder strap for extra belongings including your lunch.
  • Wear appropriate footwear —smooth-soled shoes.
  • Step down and not out when getting out of a vehicle. Swing both legs out. Place both feet on the ground and use hands for support.
  • Step down off curbs, not out. Landing on your heel first instead of flat-footed can cause a fall.
  • Use authorized paths. If it is not clear of snow, do not use it. No shortcuts.
  • Report unsafe conditions to a supervisor or maintenance person so they may clear the paths and lay sidewalk salt.

The Forge Safety Team is here to help you!  We always want to keep you and other employees of Forge safe while on the job.  This means we often need your help in communicating anything you feel is unsafe. 

You can email, call, or fill out the contact us form on our website (see below).




Stay safe and never hesitate to reach out with any questions you have!

– The Forge Safety Team

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