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November 2022

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Did your company spend precious time posting job listings, reviewing applicants, scheduling and performing interviews, when you could have been focusing on your company’s productivity? Make a change this year and choose a staffing agency that is right for your company.

Staffing firms can play a critical role in helping companies find talent. Specialized firms that work with specific industries can provide a second level of assistance by filtering talent down to those that are a better match for a company. Generally, qualified applicants will choose to work with specialized staffing agencies that understand particular industries and know which companies are hiring in the area. This two-way street creates a more efficient process for connecting employees and employers.

Specialized staffing agencies base much of their reputation on the success of employee/employer matches. If an agency has multiple candidates it believes are ready to hit the ground running, it will only present those who can immediately be an asset to the company.

Finally, it’s important for staffing agencies to gain a rapport with hiring managers in the area. By creating and strengthening these relationships, an agency can better gain a feel for the types of candidates the employer is looking for and can even contact a hiring manager when a new job seeker is available.

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Forge isn’t your typical staffing agency. We aim to stand out and be different in key ways that benefit our workforce.

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