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The benefits of a personalized staffing agency

December 23, 2020

For growing companies and job seekers, it may seem that approaching a large staffing agency is the right idea. After all, they must have a talented, knowledgeable workforce with an endless library of resources to help you find the best match. However, it’s not always that simple, and often small to mid-sized staffing agencies can provide the personal care and experience to make hiring and job hunting a less stressful process.

Why might a large agency be the wrong choice, and what are the benefits of working with a more personalized staffing agency?

While large scale agencies have access to vast stacks of resumes and are responsible for knowing what’s happening in the employment industry, often times these agencies struggle to recruit top talent. This is because these agencies are legally prohibited from targeting anyone that is an employee of one of their current clients. Larger agencies that work with many large-scale companies in a specific area are significantly restricted in the talent they can approach.

Smaller or specialized agencies, on the other hand, have access to a much larger talent pool and are able to find qualified employees to fit each position.

Job placement at large staffing agency can be similar to a factory assembly line where each company and job seeker is treated the same way with the goal being to simply make the placement and move on.

At a smaller agency, the agency will work with each individual as well as each company to ensure that a proper match has been made. Smaller agencies base their success on the quality of the placements rather than the quantity.

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