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4 Reasons Employers Should Use a Staffing Agency

December 13, 2020

Staffing agencies serve a number of purposes to both the job seeker as well as the employer with positions to fill, but it may not always be clear why an employer should choose to work with an agency. We’ve put together a few key reasons that staffing agencies can be a great asset to those looking to hire.

Saving time is one of the biggest reasons employers work with staffing agents to fill open positions. It can be costly for a company to pull an employee from normal duties to go through stacks of applications and resumes. Between advertising the position, making phone calls, interviews, reference checks, background checks and drug tests, the hours can easily pile up.

Staffing agencies are also experts at finding the right person for the job. Their focus and revenue is completely spent recruiting and placing employees.

Staffing agencies generally have more advanced employee-screening techniques than most companies. Our goal is to find the right candidates for each position. We know that testing modules, interviewing techniques, employment reference checks and understanding our customer’s company culture are all critical to the process.

Finally, we understand that not every open position at a company is a permanent one. Contracts and assignments may be temporary and staffing agencies are a great way to satisfy these needs.

Working with a staffing agency is like working with a business partner who understands your needs.

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