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Finding a job based on your skills

December 7, 2020

For anyone who has been without work after many years in one position because the particular position has become outdated or the company has shifted, it may be overwhelming looking for a new job. Spending most of your career in one position may convince you that that is the only job you are capable of doing. Your first step should be to shake this belief and understand that your extensive experience can be translated into valuable skills.

Sit down with a computer or a piece of paper and make a list of the types of things you did while in your old position. Did you have to enter information into a computer system each day as smaller piece of your overall duties? Data entry can be added to your skill set. Were you willing to do whatever needed to be done around the office or warehouse with a strong attention to detail? You may make a valuable office or administrative assistant.

If you’re having a difficult time compiling a list, there are resources available to assist you.

Visit your local staffing or employment agency or career center. These organizations are full of knowledgeable teams that can help you.

Use an online resource like:




These sites ask you simple questions about your previous jobs to help you discover what other opportunities might make sense for you.

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