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Machine Safeguarding – Hazards and Safe Practices

December 17, 2019

Machine Safeguarding – Hazards and Safe Practices


Machinery is a major source of injury. While employers are responsible to establish safeguards to protect employees, it is essential to follow safe practices to avoid injury.


Motion Hazards

– Pull-in hazards can grab and pull loose material like clothing and hair. Causes include rotating parts or in-running nip points.
– Caught-between hazards can catch the operator between two moving parts or between a moving part and a fixed object. Causes include punching parts.
Cutting hazards can be caused by sharp machine parts like table saw blades.


Safe Practices

– Only operate machines that you are fully trained and authorized to use.
– Only use machines that are properly maintained and in safe working condition.
– Only use a machine the way it is designed to be used and according to all the manufacturer’s safety requirements.
– Tie back loose hair and do not wear loose clothing or jewelry around machinery.
– Keep fingers, hand, arms, and clothing clear from all moving components.
– Assure that all safeguards are in place before operating equipment.
– Never remove, modify, or bypass guards.
– Before starting, assure people are clear of the moving parts, and warn them it is starting.
– Never reach into any hazard area or moving portion of a machine for any reason, including removing a blockage or for maintenance, without first implementing proper lockout/tagout.
– Always turn off machines when you have finished using them.
– Notify supervisors if a machine is not working properly.

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Safety First

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