Employee Appreciation Day and Events

Employee Appreciation Days occur a few times a year at every branch location. They are a day we can spend showing you how much we appreciate all the hard work that you do. Each locations Employee Appreciation Day is a little bit different, because they get to decide what they would like to do for you that day. Some branches give out food, others give out Forge freebies, and some give out both! Sometimes a branch will have a theme based on the time of year the day is taking place. For example, during the month of December, a branch may have an Employee Appreciation Day that involves decorating sugar cookies, ornaments, or a visit from Santa!

Bring a friend to Employee Appreciation Day that is interested in finding work through Forge Industrial Staffing and you have the chance of receiving a bonus! The person must be work a minimum of two (2) days in order for you to be eligible for the referral bonus (amount depending on location).

You don’t want to miss Employee Appreciation Day, so follow your local Forge Facebook page to find out details and dates of the next Employee Appreciation Day and other events we will be at! You can also find all the events Forge Industrial Staffing will be participating in on the Facebook brand page, facebook.com/ForgeIndustrialStaffing/!


Upcoming Events :

October 2nd, Employee Appreciation Day, Forge Industrial Staffing of Holland

– October 4th – 25th (Every Friday in October), Forge Spirit Month, Forge Industrial Staffing of Holland

– October 8th, Job Fair / Hiring Event, Forge Industrial Staffing of Indianapolis

– October 16th, Employee Appreciation Day, Forge Industrial Staffing of Fort Wayne


If you have not applied with us already and are interested in finding a great job opportunity with us, apply online today at, forgestaff.com/apply!

At Forge Industrial Staffing, we pride ourselves on having the resources of a large-scale staffing agency while having the personal touch of a specialty agency. Our qualified staff will work with you to find the right job, or right employees for you.

To learn more how Forge Industrial Staffing can help you with your job search, visit https://forgestaff.com or visit one of our 13 locations in Indiana and Michigan. Employers can learn more at https://forgestaff.com/clients/


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