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5 Ways to Make a Good Impression

July 9, 2019

You may think that a job interview is just an employer’s way of assessing your skills, but in reality it’s more than that. One of the benefits of an interview is allowing the employer to get to know your personality and character through the way you respond to questions and your body language. Though your skills are a very important aspect to whether or not you are qualified for the job, it’s not the only aspect for employers to pay attention too. It’s important that candidates make a good impression on the employer and it’s equally important to continue making a good impression once you’ve been assigned to work. Below are a few ways you can make a good impression.



Employers can make a good judgement of your character based on you look for an interview. It’ll be beneficial to you that employers know you took the time to look nice for your first meeting with them. It’s better to be overdressed than underdressed.

Arrive on Time

Being on time is possibly the most important part of the interview process. You can almost guarantee that you’re not going to get the job if you’re late to an interview. The employer is putting their time to meet with you and you’re wasting it by being late, or not showing up at all. Arriving 15 minutes early to the job interview/first day will show that your interest and eager to work. Arriving early also gives you the opportunity to gather yourself before the interview begins.

Be Confident

As mentioned before, an employer can get a good idea of your personality and character by the way you respond to questions and your body language. When meeting with the employer, it’s important that you maintain eye contact and sit up straight; this will help you appear more confident. There’s a possibility you get asked questions that you’re unsure of how to answer; when this happens, just be honest and say you don’t know. Saying you don’t know avoids the possibility of you getting nervous and fumbling for an answer. It’s important you do some research about the company beforehand, so if an employer asks you what you know about the company, you won’t be at a loss.

Ask Good Questions

When meeting with an employer for the first time you’re more than likely going to be asked if you have any questions about the company. Even if you feel sure that you know all of the information, you should still come up with something to ask. Researching the company beforehand gives you the opportunity to come up with questions beforehand. If you can’t think of any questions, a good one to use is, “what challenges will I face if I’m hired?”

Show Appreciation

Always, always thank the person you met with that day. Thanking them will leave the employer with better impression of you. If you have the possibility of emailing them after meeting them, always do so. Thank them again and make sure you express that you’re grateful for the time they spent out of their day with you.


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