Light Industrial Work and the Skills Required

Forge Industrial Staffing is the most responsive provider of light industrial and manufacturing staffing, but exactly what kind of jobs does that include? I bet we could guess what image popped into your head first when you heard the word, “industrial.” Probably a person in a hard hat, loading and unloading heavy objects and working with big machinery? In some cases, these are the people that work within the industrial field, but not always. Many of the jobs we offer do not require you to use heavy machinery, great physical strength, or have an extensive skill set.

The jobs we offer are usually entry-level that don’t require specific knowledge or skills to be placed. Jobs within the industrial field include: production line work, order fulfillment, packaging, shipping, maintenance, assembly etc. For people who have more experience and knowledge of handling machinery, other options include driving a forklift, hi-lo, welding etc. If you’re interested in getting a job within the industrial field, whether that be for temporary work or full-time, you will need to express certain traits and interests in order to be considered.

It’s important that you have a strong work ethic and the ability to be self-motivated. Part of this responsibility includes the ability to get tasks done on time. Not getting your tasks done on time could directly affect others and their ability to complete their own responsibilities. This falls more into play for warehouse and production line positions. If you don’t fill an order quickly enough, the shipping department won’t be able to send out what they need to, creating a backup and then creating a fall in production numbers.


At Forge Industrial Staffing, we pride ourselves on having the resources of a large-scale staffing agency while having the personal touch of a specialty agency. Our qualified staff will work with you to find the right job, or the right employees for you.

No matter where you are in your job search, whether you’re just starting out or you’re just looking for a better opportunity, Forge Industrial Staffing has hundreds of positions to meet every need. Experience the Forge difference today and see how we are Changing Lives, One Job at a Time.

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