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Your Golden Opportunity May Be Waiting For You at Forge

March 12, 2019

Everyone deserves a little luck when it comes to their job search. For some, the process only takes a couple of months, while for others it can take over a year to find a job and one they actually enjoy going to. One of the many benefits of working with Forge Industrial Staffing is our ability to assist you with your job search while giving you the freedom to find the job opportunity that fits you best. At Forge, we utilize all of our valuable resources to help assist you take that first step toward your new career. Let Forge help you get lucky in your job search this spring with these few helpful tips.


Be prepared for your first visit/call with Forge

Not sure what job opportunities we have available? Our website, forgestaff.com, has all of our current job opportunities listed on it for each of our branch locations. Before stopping in, or giving us a call, we advise you to check out all of our current job opportunities available to see if any of them would be a good fit for you. Our available positions change daily, so it’s best to look at the day you’re planning on contacting us.   

Our Service Coordinators at Forge Industrial Staffing don’t really know you, or your capabilities. They’re going to start off by having you apply so that they can get some more information about you. To save you some time, apply online on our website at, forgestaff.com/apply, before coming in, or giving us a call. In order to get a better understanding of which positions are going to fit you and your schedule best, Service Coordinators will also be asking the following questions.

  • What’s your availability like?
    Since there are many job opportunities at different times of the day, a Service Coordinator is going to want to find a position that fits your schedule and works out for you best.
  • Do you have reliable transportation?
    Not every job opportunity is located on the bus line, so it’s important for a Service Coordinator to know if you have a reliable form of transportation or not. If you don’t have a reliable form of transportation, they’re not going to be able to offer you a job that isn’t located on the bus line.
  • When can you start?
    This question plays into your availability. New jobs are always becoming available, meaning you have a higher chance of starting sooner than later. You’re going to want to make sure that you know you’re time commitment to a job before you start it.


Attend networking events (job fairs / open interviews etc.)

Did you know that each of our Forge Industrial Staffing locations participates in multiple job fairs a month? Job fairs are a great tool for us to use when assisting our clients in filling their staffing needs, and it’s a great way for those seeking employment to get information about various job opportunities.

Since there are so many people that visit these job fairs, it’s more than likely that there will be people interested in the same opening as you. At an event like this, it’s important that you stand out from the crowd. Some tips to help you do just that include, dressing for success, conducting yourself professionally, having confidence, and polishing up your resume.

You wouldn’t think that interviews would be considered, “networking” but they actually are. At Forge, we allow you to come in and interview at any time. Once you’ve applied online you either have the option of scheduling an appointment to come in and interview with us or stopping in and interviewing when you’re free. Interviews give you an opportunity to meet face to face with a Service Coordinator, so they actually get to know you. Our open-door interviews allow you to stop in our office at any time to meet with one of our Service Coordinators while eliminating the extra step of having to schedule an appointment.

You don’t want to miss our next open interview day or job fair we’re going to be having/attending. Follow your local Forge Facebook page to find out details and dates of all Forge events. You can also find all the events Forge Industrial Staffing will be participating in on the Facebook brand page, facebook.com/ForgeIndustrialStaffing/events!


Polish your resume

Many of the job opportunities Forge has to offer do not require you to provide a resume, but it’s always best to keep one polished and ready to go in case of an event like a job fair comes up unexpectedly. Polishing your resume means making sure it’s up-to-date with your skills and experience listed from most recent to least recent. All experience is good experience, so it’s important that you include any and every job opportunity that you’ve had.

Whether we ask for one or not, it doesn’t hurt to stop by our table at a job fair and provide us with a resume. By doing so, you’re reassured knowing that we physically have something of yours that we can remember you by.

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