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The Importance of Employee Satisfaction

October 23, 2018

Employers should always be trying to keep their employees happy. Every dissatisfied employee represents lost productivity if they stay and a disruption of production schedules if they leave. There’s no magical solution for companies keeping their employees, but it can be beneficial for them to understand the importance of maintaining their employees satisfaction. By following these tips, you’re more likely to retain your best employees by increasing their overall work experience and satisfaction.

Show Your Appreciation

When an employee does a good job, let them know you noticed. This doesn’t necessarily mean public praise, or handing out gift cards. No question, financial recognition is sometimes in order, but a sincere expression of praise and appreciation whenever it’s deserved can go further than cash awards or large gestures. There is no question that people tend to do their best work when they are actually being recognized for the time and effort they have put in.

Make Meetings Two-Way

Staff meetings should be for staff as much as for management. Though meetings are normally for giving out information, use meetings to also collect it. Obtain input, comments, feedback, suggestions – and criticisms, complaints and problems. Be honest and open, and assure those who have negative input that it’s being accepted for a positive purpose. Of course you’re not promising to take action on every complaint or suggestion, but you do have to sincerely consider the issues.

Make it Possible to Do Good Work

Many complaints center on the difficulty of doing the job well. People actually want to do good work, but they can’t if they’re struggling with poor tools, inadequate direction, or disruptive task scheduling. Satisfying your employees’ needs in this respect will result in improved product or service quality and enhanced productivity, and that should boost your bottom line directly.

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