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What to Consider When Using a Temporary Employee

February 19, 2018

Companies will always have use for temporary employees, that’s no question. Whether it be a few extra hands for a new project, or a fill-in employee when someone is gone; a temporary employee is usually the way to go. Just like hiring a normal employee, the process of hiring a short-term one can be quite tedious. The best option for a company is to look into a staffing agency, such as ourselves, to take care of your hiring needs. With our knowledge of your company and our vast database of people who are looking to work, we can guarantee that the process will be a smoother one. There are a few things you should consider when deciding to use a temporary employee.

The Cost of Hiring

Many companies don’t realize the cost of hiring an employee, whether that be a temporary or full-time employee, until they’ve started the process. There is some sort of cost associated with each aspect of the process, such as, the cost of job ads, job fairs, the time spent to look through resumes and online applications, the fees associated with background checks, and the expenditure of training a new staff member. For someone who has multiple other tasks on their plate, it doesn’t make sense to waste the time or money handling the process alone, especially when it’s on a short-term investment.

The good news is that temporary employees don’t require the same benefits as permanent employees. In most cases, it’s cheaper to hire temporary employees for short-term assignments. So, why wouldn’t you look into using a staffing agency to handle this process? By working with Forge, you can save time and money by letting us handle all of the details of hiring a temporary employee, such as implementing the background checks and filling out all of the necessary paperwork.

Safety Concerns

Safety should be the number one concern when hiring temporary employees. It’s important to make a safety a priority for everyone, but because a temporary employee is only there for a short period of time and is usually thrown into the mix, safety precautions can sometimes be put in the back of your mind. There are going to be projects and jobs that are dangerous and it’s important to ensure that the temporary employee has all of the necessary safety training in order to perform their job tasks. You never want to assume that you’re employee knows exactly how to handle a hazardous situation because they’ve worked in a similar environment before.

It’s important to go the extra mile in making sure your new temporary employee has the knowledge to be successful within your company. Forge Industrial Staffing understands your company’s wants and needs. We want to ensure that your temporary employee is an adequate fit for your company, so that the experience as a whole is a good one for the both of us.

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