What is a Staffing Agency and Who Can Benefit from Them?

By January 21, 2016Tips for Job Seekers

A staffing agency is an organization that matches employers to employees. They work by recruiting and selecting employees for organizations that do not have the time, expertise, and resources to handle the employment procedures.

There are many benefits employers get from staffing agencies, including availability of workers, cost, and expertise.

Low cost

Using a staffing agency can result in lower costs attached to hiring adequate staff. Because they manage the whole process, they relieve employers of costs relating to pre-employment testing, screening and background checks. Employers save money related to the expense of payroll processing. Small employers can rely on them to get qualified employees.


These agencies have a higher level of expertise that supersedes some human resource managers. They are experienced in matters that relate to employment trends, job knowledge, and recruitment practices due to continuous placement of workers. They also specialize in various job fields making it easier for employers to connect with potential employees.


Staffing agencies have good networks of available employees. They already have relationships with potential candidates whom they have already identified as reliable and dependable to fill the vacancy at any given time. They maintain a broad database, which they can tap possible workers to fill the position required regardless of the urgency.

Most companies can benefit from the services offered by staffing agencies. Money and time are the core things that every firm wants. Big companies, even though they have established HR departments, can benefit from a staffing agency to save time and money since the agencies have wider networks of potential workers. Small companies, on the other hand, lack HR departments to offer recruitment services in-house. Even though staffing agencies charge a fee, the process is cost effective as you get the right candidate in a short time.

A reputable staffing agency can put companies and job seekers on the right track. Candidates who are unsure of the field they wish to work in should consider temporary jobs because more companies are leaning towards this direction.

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