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How to Build a LinkedIn that Makes a Good First Impression

December 21, 2015

Having a profile on LinkedIn can be the perfect tool for people looking to network within their profession, or even search for new jobs. Anyone who looks at your LinkedIn profile will likely be judging you based on the content and its appearance. Making a good first impression on your profile is important and could make the difference when you’re job hunting or trying to make a new business contact.

Here are some tips to improve your LinkedIn profile and make a good first impression.

Add a Strong Profile Picture: Often your profile picture will be the first thing that a person notices on your profile. Do not settle for the gray avatar that comes standard with the profile. Instead, use the most professional looking photo of yourself you have. If you do not have a professional photo, then someone to get a head shot and remember to smile.

Standout with your Headline: After your profile picture, your headline will be the next thing that is noticed by those visiting your profile. You may want to create a headline that will directly relate to the audience you want to target. If you want to have your profile be searchable, then you will want to include certain important keywords in your headline. Remember, the headline is important but keep it simple. Ten words or less will be sufficient.

Add Achievements to the Summary Field: It is important that potential employers or business contacts know what makes you stand out from the rest: your professional achievements. While deciding what some of your biggest achievements are, keep in mind the audience you want to target. Tailor which achievements get listed based on that audience. Feel free to add any media files that will showcase your achievements or talents. That can include any videos where you are a presenter, a screenshot of positive testimonials about your work, or any other media files that are relevant.

Be Thorough: Be sure to fill out as much as you can. Keep the information geared towards the audience you are targeting. Be sure to add keywords to your profile that target either the type of job you are seeking or the type of people you would like to network with. These keywords will help make your profile standout to that audience.  When filing out your work history, keep your information limited to those jobs that are relevant to what your goals are for your career.

You will also want to fill-in the sections regarding any volunteer work you have done, your skill set, and education to show what type of person you are. 

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