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Ask About Workplace Safety During Your Interview

October 30, 2015

You’re on your way to a job interview. While you’re excited about a potential job, you need to prepare yourself. Remember that your potential employer is not the only one who will ask interview questions. You should have a list of your own questions. One of the concerns that should be at the top of your list is workplace safety. You need to know that your employer is going to make your safety a priority.

Ask About OSHA Regulations in the Workplace

The Occupational and Safety Health Act, known as OSHA, protects employees. This means that you have rights under federal law, and your employer is bound by regulations to ensure your safety. Ask for documentation concerning OSHA in your potential workplace. Find out what measures have been put in place to keep you and fellow workers safe from harm when you are on the job.

Request a List of All Hazardous Materials on the Property

Your employer must have a comprehensive listing of hazardous materials that are used in the facility, from cleaning products to the products that are used on the job. You have a right to see this information and find out if there is anything that poses a risk specifically for you. If you have severe allergies or an underlying health condition, you need to know beforehand if there is anything that could put you in danger. Be up front with your employer to prove you are not hiding anything.

Inquire About the Chain of Events if You Become Injured a Work

During your interview, ask your potential employer how workplace injuries and illnesses are handled. You need to know that your employer is going to stand by you if your safety is compromised while you are on the job. Learn about the claims process, health insurance, and sick leave in the event that you are hurt and must take time off from work. 

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