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Ask about Footwear when Starting a New Job

October 20, 2015

 Think ahead before you actually walking into a job interview and consider things that are important to you. One point of interest that is often overlooked is proper footwear. Ask your employer what you should be wearing on your feet when you begin the job. You’d be surprised how much your shoes matter.

Your Footwear is a Matter of Personal Safety

When you’re on the job, your feet can actually be at risk of injury or can be the cause of injury if you do not have the proper footwear. When it comes to foot injuries, you open yourself up to the possibility of lacerations or getting your feet crushed if your footwear does not stand up to the test. Depending on your field, steel-toe boots and heavy-duty footwear may be necessary for your protection. The other common risk of injury is due to falls or slips because workers do not have good traction. You need shoes that have a good tread in order to keep you on your feet during your shift.

You Need Footwear that Gives You Support

If you are doing a job that keeps you on your feet all day, you need to protect your support system. Your footwear will not only keep your feet from hurting, it can help you to avoid leg strain and problems with your back. To avoid unnecessary strain to your body and fatigue, ask your employer about the best type of shoes for the job and make an investment in yourself by buying more than one pair. As your shoes wear out, be sure to replace them.

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