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November 2022

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The next time you think that you had a rough day at work, think for a moment about the days experienced by U.S. military troops serving in harm’s way overseas.

As part of its Forge Cares program, Forge Industrial Staffing participates in programs that send care packages to U.S. troops. There are many ways to send troop care packages, from assembling and sending them yourself to contributing to agencies that collect care package goodies and box them up for delivery.

How to Donate

For information on how to put together and send a package yourself, it’s best to get instructions at one of several websites — Any Soldier, which provides names and mailing addresses; OurMilitary.mil; or AdoptAPlatoon.org.

At Operation Gratitude, when you send a donation they send a package. Another organization, Troop Care Pack, sends pre-packed items to soldiers.

What to Include in a Care Package

There are a lot of things that can go into a care package. Extra clothing is certainly helpful.

Food is another good thing to send, so pack something non-perishable such as beef jerky, trail mix and other snacks. The food on base tends to be very bland, so any snacks are appreciated. Food items that they can’t get overseas are a nice touch, as are flavor packets for water, because they have to drink a lot of water out in the field that was not necessarily kept cold. Make sure that any food sent is non-perishable, and packed separately from any toiletries. Soap and food don’t mix.

Lip balm, body wash, foot powder and pain-relieving topical cream are practically luxury items to deployed troops. Lens cleaning cloths or glass cleaner can be used to clean their goggles while out in a sandy area.

Anything practical certainly reduces the stress troops face. But even though they do not have much room for clutter, some other items are great, as well. Troops have been known to appreciate video games, board games, books, movies and music.

Read more information about Forge Cares and the causes it supports at https://forgestaff.com/about/forge-cares/.

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