How to Find Quality Employees

By May 26, 2015Tips for Employers

A job interview helps to screen your applicants and helps you get to know them, but how can you be absolutely sure that you are hiring not only great employees, but the best ones you could hope for?

Have an accurate job description

The first step in hiring the best employees is to make sure your job description accurately shows applicants what role you expect to be filled and what skills they will use for the job. Have a different job description for each job in your organization, so that applicants will know which job fits them the best.

Ask good questions

Make sure the questions you ask your applicants are going to help you determine how well they will fit. Ask open-ended questions, as well as ones that will be difficult for them to answer. It is also a good idea to screen them over the phone before you conduct in-person interviews. That may help to weed out some applicants before you begin the interview process. Based on the answers you over the phone, decide who qualifies for the next step. Ask the same questions every time, and have at least 10 questions total for the in-person interview.

Give your applicants a test

Resumes and interview questions will only tell you so much about an applicant. As part of your application, you should also give them a test with a proven assessment tool. This will help you determine how introverted, extroverted, agreeable, uncompromising, conscientious, lackadaisical, emotionally stable or anxious an applicant is. These are not the only traits that can be determined through an assessment. The traits you want in an applicant depend on the job they are seeking.

Read through the resumes

You may have received a lot of resumes, and are likely not looking forward to getting through all of them. However, if you have a good idea of what the ideal candidate looks like, you can sort people based on relevant experience or skills. This will help you get through resumes quickly. If you find cover letters that address you by name, put those on the top of the list. Or if you find resumes with a lot of misspellings, put those at the bottom.

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