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November 2022

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Finding a job can be a tiring process. If your search is dragging on and you see no end in sight, review your job search efforts and make sure you’re not making any of these common job search mistakes.

Proofread your resume and cover letter multiple times.

Time and again, job seekers send hiring managers a resume or cover letter with grammar and spelling errors. More often than not, these errors will not make it past the initial review. In order to avoid having your resume tossed aside, triple-check your resume, cover letter, and all email correspondence. Even items that may not be an “official” part of the application process will reflect your writing style. A little extra attention to detail will go a long way in finding a job.

Focus on your application strategy.

Hiring managers post listings for multiple positions, at any given time. If your strategy includes applying to every position you can find, you may be spreading yourself too thin and making yourself appear desperate. Instead of spending your time applying to every position you can find, spend it researching the positions that best fit and the companies you want to fit in at. Focus on applying to the positions you research and stay away from applying to multiple positions at the same company.

By focusing on your application process, you are showing hiring managers that you have given thought to your career path.

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