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3 Tried and True Job-Hunting Techniques

April 7, 2015

If you’re currently searching for a new job, you have probably heard some say, “Just go in to the office and ask to meet with the hiring manager,” or “Why don’t you just call and ask if they are hiring?”

These traditional job hunting tactics may seem very basic and almost crazy now that technology and social media have changed the job search landscape, but several of these tactics can still be very effective in a modern-day job hunting.

Here are 3 job-hunting techniques you should dust off and try out:

Make the phone call

Using the phone is still an effective job-hunting strategy. Whether it’s contacting established connections or trying to make new ones, speaking on the phone helps people connect on a more personal level than digital communication.

Following up with a call

Following up after the call is another great old-school technique that puts the phone to work for you. Many job seekers will email a follow up, but a follow-up phone call gives you the opportunity to make a personal connection with the hiring manager, resume reviewer or other decision-maker for that position.

Sending a thank you note

In addition to your follow-up call, the classic handwritten thank you note will help you stand out during the interview process. This could help you edge out other applicants when a hiring decision is made.

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