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5 Things recruiters wish job seekers knew

March 21, 2015

Often times a job seeker, particularly one that’s been out of the job search for a while, may be out of the loop for what recruiters are looking for. The times have changed, company cultures are continuously evolving, so why are you still be applying for jobs the old way?

Here are 5 things that employers and recruiters wish every job seeker knew about the hiring process.

It’s not about you, it’s about the company.

Every single member of a hiring team is looking for the best candidate to help the company succeed. If you are not talking in terms of “we” in your cover letter, than you may not appear to be on the same page with the company.

Do not speak poorly about your previous employer.

While this should be obvious, all too often job seekers are sour grapes about a previous employer. Everyone has a bad experience at a past job; focus on a positive lesson you learned while there. Remember, recruiters don’t want to think that you could be badmouthing their company down the road.

Gain an understanding of the company before your interview

Having some understanding of what the company does, what its culture is like and why you believe you can help them grow will certainly make you stand out in an interview. If you have to ask what the company does, chances are your resume will not make it into the right pile.

Have a grasp of your level of experience

Most companies are not willing to offer you top dollar until you are able to display your skills. Plan to prove yourself once you get the position, this will better your chance of being more appropriately compensated.

Update your resume and get with the times

If you have been using the same resume as three years ago, you need to completely reevaluate your qualifications. Your resume should be customized for every position you apply for. 

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