How to make Twitter an effective tool for job hunting

By January 21, 2015Tips for Job Seekers

Social media has changed the way we view news, gain knowledge, sell products and even find employment. Few social media channels have had a bigger impact on how this is all done than Twitter; and now it’s finding itself to be one of the most popular sites for job hunting.

Twitter allows users to craft and post messages in 140 characters or less. These messages, or “tweets,”, are then seen by those who choose to follow that user. Additionally, “hashtags” (#) can be added to tweets to allow a tweet to show up in searches for related topics. For example, a company that is seeking to hire someone might tweet, “#NowHiring IT Director for medical facility.” By searching for the hashtag #NowHiring, job hunters would be able to view any post that includes this term.

In addition to using Twitter for job hunting, you can use it to improve your visibility as a job candidate.

When creating your Twitter account, take some time to complete every profile field. Fill in your full name and create a “Twitter handle” that closely resembles your actual name. Much like an email address, a Twitter handle is a username used to identify yourself. For instance, on the Forge Industrial Staffing account, we have our name “Forge Industrial Staffing,” as well as our Twitter handle @ForgeStaff. Be sure that you choose a professional handle and avoid the use of names like @momof6kidz or @crazyguy1971.

Use a professional photo for your profile image and choose an image that best represents your industry for your header image. Finally, choose industry relevant keywords in your bio to give a short description of who you are.

Remember, Twitter is a tool that, when used appropriately, can help you when job hunting. Once you have found a job that piques your interest, look for the best way to apply for the job. Do not simply send off a Tweet or message in Twitter showing your interest. Instead, look for a website link in the job posting or the company’s profile page and located the full listing on their website.

At Forge Industrial Staffing, we pride ourselves on having the resources of a large-scale staffing agency while having the personal touch of a specialty agency. Our qualified staff will work with you to find the right job, or right employees for you.

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