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The Dos and Don’ts for Social Media When You Are Job Hunting

January 14, 2015

When you are on the hunt for a new job, it is important to remember that many potential employers will look up your social media accounts at some point during the hiring process. Often times, the potential employer will look up your accounts before the interview process to get an idea of what sort of person you are.

Depending on what you have on your social media accounts, it could hurt or help your chances of getting hired. It is important that you filter what is shown on your social media accounts while you are actively looking for a new job. The following are some dos and don’ts regarding your social media accounts that may help you secure the position that you are after.

Do: Google Yourself

By performing a Google search on yourself, you will have an idea of what information a potential employer may be seeing about you. You may find information on yourself that you would not want a potential employer seeing. This will give you a starting point on what to clean off of your social media accounts.

Do: Use Proper Grammar when Posting

Many potential employers will check your social media posts to see how you present yourself. They will want to see what type of language skills you have, your spelling, and grammar. Typically they will also look to see if you speak poorly of others, bad mouth your current or past employers, or frequently complain.

Do: Follow and “Like” Companies you want to Work For

Many companies have a social media presence, either through Twitter or Facebook. Be sure to like or follow the companies you want to work for on your social media accounts. Be interactive with them. Post thoughtful, knowledgeable comments or share interesting articles that are related to that field. Many potential employers recruit from social media and will notice the effort you have put in.

Don’t: Display Any Extreme or Controversial Beliefs

A potential employer may reconsider hiring you if they find evidence of bigotry, extreme religious beliefs, or even unsavory humor. The employer will want to keep the workplace free of extreme or controversial topics and therefore may not hire you if they feel that you would bring issues to the job.

Don’t: Showcase Unprofessional Pictures of Yourself

When posting pictures of yourself, you may want to consider if it is a picture you would show to your grandparents before you post it for the world to see. Potential employers do not want to see you using drugs or drinking heavily. You may even want to dial it back on the risqué photos that include you in a bikini or skimpy outfit.

Keep in mind, social media accounts come with privacy settings. If you still want to continue posting material that potential employers may not want to see, then be sure your privacy settings will only display them to the people you choose.

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