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What does skill marketing mean?

November 21, 2014

Perhaps you’ve been out of the workforce for an extended period of time, or held the same position for many years and are now finding yourself looking for work. You’ve probably found many new terms that are intended to help you in your journey to find employment. Skill marketing is one of these terms that is well known and widely used throughout the staffing and recruitment industry.

Skill marketing is the act, or art in some cases, of presenting a highly skilled candidate for a position to a potential employer, even if the employer is not openly seeking to hire someone.

A prime example of this type of strategy would be if a recruiter, working on behalf of a job seeker that was an exceptional surgeon, contacted a large hospital and asked for the hospital to meet with the job seeker to determine if there was a place for them within the company.

Quite often, even when a company is not posting a need for a specific position, it will be interested in growing the talent within the company. If hiring you will make it a better company, it is likely you’ll at least get an interview.

A job recruiter or placement agency is a valuable resource when you have the type of skills that can be marketed. They understand the industry, market demand, wages and compensation and companies in your area and having a complete understanding of who you are, can often find you a better position than you could do alone. However, it is important for job seekers to be able to skill market themselves to recruiters. By thoroughly explaining your skills, experience and job history can give a recruiter an accurate idea of who you are making it easier for that person to find you job opportunities.

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