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Staying positive will help you find a job faster

November 7, 2014

It is important to realize that everyone understands it is not easy to be unemployed or underemployed. The longer one spends searching for a new job, the more difficult it can be to keep their chin up and stay positive. However, job recruiters and HR departments will agree, that a positive attitude can help outweigh gaps or shortcomings on a resume.

While it may seem like common sense that staying positive will help you find a job faster, what is it about a positive attitude that makes it harder for employers to pass you by?

A positive attitude shows you are resilient.

Your resume shows who you are behind the scenes and what you’ve done in the past. Your attitude during phone calls, meetings and interviews with a prospective employer show who you are now. If you have a gap on your resume, a positive attitude can show an employer that you don’t let challenges bring you down and that you work hard to overcome them.

A positive attitude shows that you’re focused on the future.

A successful company knows that you learn from the past to improve for the future. A company worth working for will see that you do not dwell on the past, but instead have learned from your experiences and are improving as an individual.

A positive attitude shows your ability to thrive under pressure.

You may notice during an interview that you are asked something like, “Tell me about a difficult situation you’ve experienced,” “Tell me about an impossible deadline you’ve faced,” or “Tell me about a difficult situation with a co-worker.” When you’re asked these types of questions, the interviewer wants to understand what they may be able to expect from you in similar situations. This can also help determine if you’re appropriate for a leadership role.

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