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Job-Hunting Tip: Clean Up Your Online Presence

October 14, 2014

You’re on the hunt for a job and find an open position you’d really like to have. You complete your resume, compile your references and send it off to the hiring department. Now, it appears, your future is out of your hands, and you hope you will stand out.

There are a few things you can do to significantly boost your chances of being noticed by the hiring staff.

Make sure you are applying for jobs appropriate for your skill set. Chances are the hiring staff or the computer program used to scan through your resume will immediately reject it if it does not contain specific keywords related to the position.

Review your presence online. A recent survey learned that 14% – 16% of applicants were turned down for a job because of something they posted online or on a social networking site like Facebook or Twitter. It is a good idea to have someone you trust take a look at your online presence to see if photos or comments might be inappropriate. This may also include your email address and outgoing voicemail message. Many people like to leave humorous outgoing messages on their voicemail, or use a personal email address like fundude_123@email.com. However, it would be wise to leave a simple message with your name and a brief message letting the caller know you will call them back shortly. For your email address, a simple address such as YourName@email.com is far more appropriate for potential employers.

Always remember to learn about the company’s culture so that when you receive that phone call you’re prepared to talk about how you can be an important asset to them.

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