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How to fill gaps in your resume

September 28, 2014

For anyone that has been unemployed for six months or longer, you may find that it can become increasingly difficult to find a job. Employers sometimes prefer to hire someone who is currently working or has just recently left another position, with the assumption that this person’s skills are fresh and up-to-date. This unemployment bias can be a frustrating challenge for those seeking work.

There are many ways you can fill those employment gaps in your resume with relevant projects that will not only show that you are energetic and motivated, but that you continued to develop your skills. Here are 3 ways to spend your time, when you aren’t sending out resumes.

While it doesn’t pay the bills, offering your services to a nonprofit organization can pay off in many ways. Most nonprofits have extensive networks of well-connected members of the community. Often times, building these relationships will lead to potential job opportunities. Organizations like community centers, libraries and public services groups are generally well respected, and a reference from an executive director can go a long way.

Seek education or training
Being optimistic during your job hunt is key. Instead of spending your free time waiting for the phone to ring, seek additional training and courses that will make you a more valuable candidate for the jobs you seek. Online courses are great and often free or inexpensive.

Write or speak
If you have valuable skills that you can share with others, get out and share them. Seeking speaking engagements will not only keep your name relevant in your industry and connect you with many like-minded individuals.

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