What does skill marketing mean?

Perhaps you’ve been out of the workforce for an extended period of time, or held the same position for many years and are now finding yourself looking for work. You’ve probably found many new terms that are intended to help you in your journey to find employment. Skill marketing is one of these terms that […]

Staying positive will help you find a job faster

It is important to realize that everyone understands it is not easy to be unemployed or underemployed. The longer one spends searching for a new job, the more difficult it can be to keep their chin up and stay positive. However, job recruiters and HR departments will agree, that a positive attitude can help outweigh […]

Job-Hunting Tip: Clean Up Your Online Presence

You’re on the hunt for a job and find an open position you’d really like to have. You complete your resume, compile your references and send it off to the hiring department. Now, it appears, your future is out of your hands, and you hope you will stand out. There are a few things you […]

How to fill gaps in your resume

For anyone that has been unemployed for six months or longer, you may find that it can become increasingly difficult to find a job. Employers sometimes prefer to hire someone who is currently working or has just recently left another position, with the assumption that this person’s skills are fresh and up-to-date. This unemployment bias […]