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Wire Harness Assembler

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Currently seeking to fill multiple Wire Harness Assembler openings on  (Enter Shift here) shift with a company located in (Enter City/location).

Available Shift  
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Responsibilities (Please add or delete what is needed)    
– Route and tie wires to form wire harness used in electrical and electronic equipment or systems.
– Read instructions, such as work orders, diagrams, and wire lists to determine materials needed and sequence of assembly.
– Select wires of the specified color, marking, or length and loop wires between guide pegs on harness board, following color-coded lines or sequential numbers on board or diagram.
– Wrap and tie wires together at designated points to form harness, manually or using a tie-wrap gun.
– Apply sealing liquid to secure knots in ties, using brush.
– Attach ends of wires to components, plugs, or terminal strip, using soldering iron or crimping device.
– Insert cable in plastic tubing or inject plastic sealant around terminals to protect cable from dust and moisture.
– May test wiring continuity, using continuity tester.
– May mark identifying data on completed harness.

Requirements (Please add or delete what is needed)  
– Must have wire harness building experience.
– Ability to read blueprints.
– Must be proficient with a tape measure.
– Must have a great work ethic.
– Must have a positive attitude in order to be considered.
– Perform the job safely while adhering to company safety standards.

Compensation and Benefits (Please add or delete what is needed)  
– Pay Rate: $(Enter Pay rate here)  
– Paid Holidays  
– Vacation Pay  
– Health Insurance  
– Referral Bonus Program  
– Employee of the Month  
– Employee Appreciation Day  
– Weekly pay by direct deposit or paycard